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0.06 (2007/11/23)

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Costs and distribution rights

This software is available to you for free. Install it, use it, enjoy it.

There are some conditions for (re)distribution.
Full details are provided in the "licence agreement" which is shown during installation.


Missing DLL? Missing OCX?

If you experience problems using TeleGuide (missing DLL, missing OCX),
then you need to download and install the Various Dependencies, 3,240K.


The example

This version's download is about half the size of the first release as the 'example' PDF file is no longer included.

Some comments:

  • Not so much on this week. Probably just as well, I have a head-cold and staring at a bright screen hurts my eyes. Oh, come on... I'm male - a little illness equals a near-death experience, right? :-)
  • "SchlInWoods" is from "The school in the woods", the name of the school being run by teenagers in BBC3's experiment "Leave Us Kids Alone", and it's a shorter title.
  • Season two of "Bleach"! Wai-wai!
    (this, incidently, is why my Film4/ZH reviews have tailed off recently, anime central has had my attentions)
  • I'm not a McFly fan. In fact, I find them to be quite annoying. However that ghost hunting stuff is SUCH a cliché-ridden psych-fest that it is amusing to watch. So the cheesy blonde said, on some programme or other, that she dared people to come take part. Fine, you have my email address - I'd be up for it... but not with McFly. Or the cast of EastEnders. Or Jeremy Clarkson. How about the cast of "Doctors"? Melody vs a ghost. That ought to be seriously funny.


What's new?

A tiny fix to stop the "help" button in the preview from being 'lost' if you maximise the window and then go back to normal size (etc).
If this is of little concern to you, and you are on dial-up access, then you might prefer not to waste time upgrading for such a trivial thing?


Okay, now for the download!

TeleGuide download
Version 0.06
TeleGuide distribution. Save this .EXE to your harddisc, virus scan it, and then run it to install TeleGuide.
You do not need to uninstall any previous version before installing this version.

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