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0.06 (2007/11/23)

TeleGuide FAQ

The help button in the preview window vanishes from time to time.

This has been fixed in version 0.06.
Please download and install the latest version.


Why is the download for v0.05 so much larger than v0.04?

The increase in size is due more or less purely to the inclusion of the HTMLhelp format documentation, which includes images. The images are efficient PNG format, but they do add up. At any rate, it's a lot better than the older BMP/RTF style of help! ☺

The only functional change to the software has been the inclusion of '?' buttons which link to and display the help file supplied. If you were okay with the previous, rather terse, ReadMe text (which is no longer supplied), then you do not need to upgrade.


Hey! The stupid programme hangs! Why?

This was a problem with version 0.02.
Please download and install the latest version.


How come some programmes are in darker boxes?

Favourite programmes.This is for distinguishing programmes marked as "favourite", as shown for Bleach in the picture on the right.


Why all this messing around with "progs.txt" files?

This is no longer necessary. TeleGuide now presents an interface allowing you to add/edit/remove programmes much more easily than messing with text files.
Please download and install the latest version.


What happens if two programmes overlap?

Programmes are plotted in the order that they are defined in the programme file, thus whichever is given last will be plotted on top of the earlier, like this:

Overlapping entries.
Here we can see GITS (Ghost In The Shell) and Planetes overlaying Most annoying TV moments.


Why are the text sizes different?

It is possible to fit about four characters into the slot allocated to a half hour programme. Rather than abbreviate the programme name (like "Plane..."), TeleGuide will reduce the text size until it fits.
You should also help by shortening names when you can - for example "AnnoyPop" fits into the hour slot at a nice size where "The Most Annoying Pop Songs... We Love To Hate" would just look a bit silly.
To show you what I mean:

Really tiny text.
The latest version of TeleGuide clips programme names that are too large, plus it will not permit the text to be sized too small.


Why does TeleGuide sometimes use the channel ID instead of the name?

Favourite programmes.If you take a look at the example on the right, I'm sure you will understand that squeezing the channel name "Anime Central" into the half-hour slot would make the text really small. So that TeleGuide does is if the text size would be smaller than 8pt, it will instead use the channel ID.


Can you link this software to the Sky EPG?

No, that is not possible. It would be great, but it isn't possible to extract the EPG data from the Digibox. It should be possible, by having a digital satellite receiver card in your computer, but...


In the editor, is there a quick way to copy a programme?

Actually, yes!

Simply open any instance of this programme in the editor. Alter the time (if necessary) and then the date. Now click on the "Update" button while holding down the Alt key. Instead of updating the programme that you opened, you've just created a new copy of it!

Note: If you forget to hold down the Alt key, or you hold something else (Ctrl, etc) by mistake, then the original version of the programme will cease to exist and you will not be warned of this. The reason is that TeleGuide will be updating the programme exactly as you told it to. You must remember to hold down Alt to copy programmes!


Do I understand, from the help, that the source code is available?

If you ask nicely, and abide by the conditions stated, then I do not see why sharing the source code would be a problem.

I am not ready to open-source this project yet, as either I write some really niche software or nobody bothers to get in touch with me regarding sources that I have previously released. This leads to the feeling of "what's the point?". It is easier to give sources to those who ask (which I will imagine would be very few of you!) than to make up a package for release and put in place a way to administer third-party code modifications which will likely never arrive...

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