Gratuit - free for personal use

0.06 (2007/11/23)


  • A machine comfortably running a useful version of Windows, with Windows 95 as a base specification.
    Sorry, this software is not compatible with 16 bit versions of Windows.
  • Some sort of printer. TeleGuide outputs in monochrome, so colour is not important.
    I recommend a generic inkjet printer as a good compromise between speed, cost, and ink use.
  • You may require my various dependencies pack. This is because I supply my software without the runtime libraries. The reason for this is that pretty much all of my Windows software uses the same three megabytes of libraries. Install it once, you are done! No point supplying the same thing over and over again with every update of every program.
    If you experience problems when starting TeleGuide which refer to a missing DLL or missing OCX, then you need to download and install the Various Dependencies, 3,240K.

Copyright © 2007 Richard Murray