This software has been written for use with a RISC OS system, ranging from the early Acorn A310 through to the Acorn RiscPC. It should also work on the forthcoming Castle/RiscStation machines, although no products have yet been reported as tested under RISC OS 4.xx.
Several applications have been tested and shown to work on an Iyonix, 32bit, RISC OS 5.xx.
The minimum expected specification is for RISC OS 3.10, a harddisc and 4Mb of memory. This is not an absolute rule. For example, Emily should be okay in a 1Mb floppy machine, but would you really be attending to your email on a machine with such a specification?

26/32 issues:
If nothing is mentioned, assume the software relies upon the 26bit PC+PSR if it is written in C or assembler, and will require the assistance of Aemulor in order to work.
Software written entirely in BASIC should work.
If it says "26/32 neutral", then this software has been written with the 32bit PC in mind, and should work without a problem. It is recommended that you try it first on a 'clean' system with all important data saved. I ask this because I do not have a 32bit PC version of RISC OS to test things on.
If it says "mostly 32 compatible", then the software is 'mostly' 32bit clean. Generally there may be an obscure feature (or two) that is not entirely compatible, or one or more of the bundled programs are known to not be 32bit clean.

In all cases, 32bit issues will be discussed following the software classification. If there is no reference to 32bit, assume the software is 26bit PC+PSR as mentioned above.

Commercial software

These are areas supporting software for sale. All of the commercial software listed includes downloadable demonstration versions.
















Utilities for Argo Interactive's !Voyager internet suite are available from a seperate area. You will also find the QuickVoy support area here...


Other stuff



Here lies my data...

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At the end of last year, my harddisc died. Tragedy!
Make sure, whoever you are, wherever you are, that you implement decent backup methods.
If your own harddisc was to stop working right now, what would you do? Would you buy another drive and re-install from your CD-Rs? Or would you start to cry?
Don't wait until it happens to wonder why you didn't make backups. Do it today!

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