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Christmas Lights

Well, gotta put in the effort, right? Even if it did take all of a minute to do. ☺
Christmas lights


Animation #2

The second Christmas Playmobil animation. No sound, but amusing captions. 720P.


Retina display

I had another look at the latest iPad with its Retina display, and I can certainly see that the quality of the display is far in advance of the standard 1024×768 panel on my iPad Mini. The thing is, though, you possibly wouldn't notice this if you weren't looking, though I would certainly accept that if the standard large iPad uses the same resolution, it might be rather more apparent on the larger sized display.

Here is a photo of the Retina display taken in the shop. It has been processed slightly to enhance the brightness, as the display was very brightly lit and this affected the camera. Colour has not been corrected, and the cut-out shows how the pixels looked before the image was scaled down to fit on this blog page.

Photo of iPad Retina display

And here is the photo of my iPad Mini's display. It has not been processed, other than straightening, cropping to the same size (roughly), and scaling.

Photo of iPad Mini regular (non-Retina) display

As you can see, there isn't so much difference when looking at the scaled images (how an average eye is likely to perceive it) but there are noticable differences when looking at the display in close up. I use my iPad Mini quite a lot, and I don't look at it and think "oh my God, this is horrible!", nor do I envy those with Retina. Sure, 1024×768 seems a bit small in this day and age, but it is a size that seems to suit the Mini quite well. Can I see the pixels? Yes, just as I can see them on the PC display that I am using right now. But this might be an awareness from growing up with this technology. Certainly I can see loads of aliasing/artefacts in HD video on the display TVs in shops that other people cannot seem to see, so I guess it is obvious if you know what you are looking for.
Can I see pixels in the Retina? Less obviously, but again yes. The thin-lines-minimalism of iOS7 seems to make these sorts of things stand out more. I perhaps would have more difficulty discerning individual pixels on a Retina display the size of the Mini.


Other stuff (probably not worth mentioning)

  • In eightseven-and-a-bit days I'll be a crusty Middle Aged Fart. Meh.
    When I was twenty I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Now I'm twice that, I still have no idea what I want to do with my life.
    If I keep this up, my girlfriend options will soon be "cute grannies".
  • Some guy who changed the world died.
    There is nothing I can say about this that hasn't already been done to death (ho ho) by the world's media.
  • The hypocrisy of the British Government kows no bounds. In one breath they talk of taking away the Winter Fuel Allowance for pensioners because they are just sore losers, and in the next breath they talk about fuel poverty suffered by old people as a result of a state pension that is so ridiculously crap that it shocks Europethe entire world, including some third world nations. The government, in their wisdom, suggest that people make their own arrangements for their pensions instead of relying upon the government. Is the government willing to underwrite those who do, but lose out because the bank invests unwisely, gambles on a bad deal, or otherwise buggers up the pension pot? I'd like to see Mr. Cameron hacking life in a poorly paid job, not for a day but for three months. With his only income being his laughable wage. At least he'll know there is an end to it. Unlike a minimum wage worker in the UK who will endure a pathetic wage followed by a ridiculous pension - if they survive long enough to collect it.
    Meanwhile, in the face of this, MPs are to receive an astonishing 11% pay rise. Their annual salary (as of 2015) will be £74K. Many public sector workers, I should remind you, have had their pay frozen. This really is a very Tory government, isn't it? Bastards.


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