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On Saturday afternoon, my little furry companion of 12 years wandered off to search for kibble on the far shore.
Unfortunately for her health, her two favourite things were eating and sleeping (gee, remind you of someone?) - she was the kind of active that would make Bagpuss seem like a ball of energy -so it is most likely that her heart packed up. Remind me, what's the code for an unhappy smiley?

She had 12 years being the absolute cutest cat I've ever seen, and the times when she deemed to be active she never really outgrew her kittenhood. I mean, who is going to chase the dot of my laser pointer up the door now? It's almost as if Wawa can't even see it.

Sorry. It's Tuesday and I'm still upset. So here are some more pictures.



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Gavin Wraith, 18th May 2016, 13:20
I sympathize with your loss. We have always had cats. A year or so ago the BBC showed a film, the result of a project carried out in a neighbourhood of Brighton in which all the cats were fitted with TV cameras and GPS. The results were fascinating and very enlightening about cat psychology.

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