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New Year's Day

Again, windy and rainy. So... I think I'll just hole up in bed with the heated blanket and a few good movies.

I did, however, have a Fray Bentos with linguine.


Tomorrow, day off, so I'll go shopping because...
...then back to work.



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John, 1st January 2023, 17:08
Our 52nd wedding anniversary: Went to the Boat Inn at Erbistock and just had a main each - oh, and dessert then coffee in front of the original fireplace in the easy chairs. 
Been going for 50 years now, not every year, but would go again! Has changed hands a few times, but its character is well-preserved! 
Work? I can barely remember it!
David Pilling, 2nd January 2023, 02:04
It was the "roaring" 1920s - what is this decade going to be prefixed "terrible" 2020s

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