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Entries in October 2023...

  • 2023/10/01 - SimpleSeq v0.10, Scorchio!, ChooseBD colour determination.
  • 2023/10/03 - You have new messages! Police failings, Extinguisher, RISC OS on a Pi 5.
  • 2023/10/08 - What the hell Hamas?, Wiring, I went to Lidl again, SimpleSeq v0.11.
  • 2023/10/12 - Electrics, RCCB, The vast of night.
  • 2023/10/14 - I'm on holiday! Anna...Mindscape?, Fuel / driving.
  • 2023/10/15 - SimpleSeq v0.12.
  • 2023/10/16 - Brrr!, Curtain and light, Walking Anna, Auditing Pig and a teardown, The BBC is clearly not biased, SimpleSeq v0.14.
  • 2023/10/17 - SimpleSeq v0.15, Crazy cat lady.
  • 2023/10/19 - Site glitch, SimpleSeq v0.16 and user guide, Cut-price crap?, Spooky stuff from Lidl.
  • 2023/10/20 - Amazon lies, Amazon delivery, Total Eclipse of the Heart, Shonky VGA cable, Lidl burger fail, Lidl Samhain nuggets, God's been busy, Citizen PA10 printer module teardown, Solitary Shell.
  • 2023/10/21 - Passwords.
  • 2023/10/22 - The price of power.
  • 2023/10/24 - You meant to do that, right?, Gothic calendar, Electronics stuff, That burning sensation.
  • 2023/10/28 - Oh what a tangled web we weave, SimpleSeq?, A new battery, Fiddling with my oscilloscope, Calendars.
  • 2023/10/29 - Clocks, I bought a new phone!, Netflix prices, DSO Shell serial interface.
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