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Was sitting outside this evening as the sun was setting, and I saw an interesting visual effect that I've never seen before. Perhaps even more bizarre was rainbows are normally seen opposite the sun, while this was between myself and said ball of fire...

Well, here's the picture:

Flares around the sun.



For all that the French have culinary excellence, their take on baked beans is dreadful. Haricots blancs en sauce tomate (or something like that) is a tin of stodgy beans floating in this indescribably awful sauce that is like a watered-down version of that fake orange paste you get at the bottom of cheap pizza.

Hence my adoration for a local supermarket offering (sometimes):

Beanz meanz Heinz.
Unfortunately the going rate is €0,99 a can. Before you scream (and notice it is a separated multipack, weren't they, like 99p for four!?), I could point out that spaghetti hoops come in at €2-something. You can scream now.

But recently it was Lidl to the rescue. For a promotion à l'heure anglais, offering knock-off beans at a knock-down price, I... uh... bought a couple.

Beans, beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot!

The sauce is a bit watery, but it tastes like bean sauce ought to. They're not so bad.


Amazon fail

Take a look at:
Spanish Steps: Travels Wih My Doney
                                                                         ^                          ^   
Thanks to mom for noticing this.


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American Andy!, 8th August 2010, 05:44
Tim Moore also wrote a Eurovision book - Nul Points. What's wrong? People ride doneys everywhere in certain parts of the world :)

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