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SMPlayer crash - [VD_FFMPEG] DRI failure

So I'm ready to start watching some animé when SMPlayer dies on me. Actually, it's MPlayer (SMPlayer is just a nice front-end), but either way, it crashes upon trying to watch stuff. A lot of stuff I previously watched fails too.

I recently updated my installation to cope with (hopefully) some of the newer MKVs that choke MPlayer because while I respect what VLC can do, I don't like its interface. It is clunky to use and seems to me to be more inclined to do what it wants rather than what you tell it.
So the update is broken?
I updated again, this time using the webinstall for an even newer MPlayer. Also borked.

Unfortunately, as my previous install was about a year old, I don't reckon on having the installer for that to revert to (and as it was a webdl installer, it'd only go and fetch the most recent MPlayer anyway...).

I cried. Real tears. The rest of my life using VLC was just too much to take.

So I looked at the various options and settings.

Here's the fault:

SMPlayer error report
It may or may not say "Warning: No suitable new res found!" (and note that 720×400 is something that can fit into a 1024×600 display). It will, in all cases, bomb out with "[VD_FFMPEG] DRI failure.".

So, to be honest, I tried everything. Hour upon hour of painful toil and agony. Okay, maybe 45 minutes of boring "does this work? <click> bugger; goto 10".

However, I found it. Totally logically it is nothing whatsoever to so with scaling and resize. It makes perfect sense that it is because somewhere along the way my system was set to decode H.264 using two threads... Okay, I don't get it either, but here's another picture:

Fixing SMPlayer DRI failure

As the gaudy magenta scrawling indicates, simply set the number of threads to 1, and then magically everything will work.


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Jens, 5th March 2012, 00:22
hey dude, thx for this its been bugging me for quite a while this error, and your da man! thx thx
Joe, 20th September 2012, 23:48
Had the same Problem too. 
There should be a warning next to the "Number of Threads" field to not use more than one thread until absolutely necessary.
Tyler, 10th November 2012, 04:48
Yeah, I had this problem too. It's a side-effect of having multi-threaded decoding, but it's necessary have it for playing some 720p/1080p videos!
John Serink, 19th November 2012, 04:19
That fixed it! Shit, been fighting with this for months, thanx for that. 

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