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SysAdmin Manoeuvres in the Dark

The other day, your intrepid SysAdmin met a girl. Not just any girl, but a girl-geek. She's called Felicity.

Here is the SysAdmin doing something kinda technical (the server needs juice to make it work), while Felicity is doing her part and offering tea - regular tea, lemon tea, cherry tea, vanilla tea...

SysAdmin doing something complicated

Felicity's vital stats are - speaks English, French, and Hymmnos; knows Z80, Pascal, and C; detests modern API 'baggage'; favourite film is "The Princess Bride", favourite animé is "Akira" (kicking it old school); believes a bad film cannot be saved by the addition of lots of CGI; adores crisps (pretty much any flavour); posts articles in official forums as "anonymous" just to stir up a bunch of knee-jerk over-reactions from people who obviously think that "anonymous" is an actual specific person; absolutely cannot believe that America's rival to Obama is between a Mormon with more money than sense and a Creationalist (who, de facto, cannot have any sense at all). Her favourite author is Terry Pratchett.
She has boobs. They won't be important until after the mating procedure when a child process is forked.


Here she is, giving a helping hand...

Felicity helping out


That done, the two decided to see the sights. The first stop was to offer a prayer at The Temple Of Lost Data...

At The Temple Of Lost Data


Then time for a sweet moment at Le Jardin Des Volts; it was a rather electrifying experience.

At Le Jardin Des Volts


The next stop was a strange megalithic site known throughout the ages as The Roche Ferrrerrro. Nobody knows why there are so many 'r's in that word, it looks a typo from prehistoric times. Of course, they took the whole thing very seriously indeed and payed attention to the sign that said "don't play with the damn rocks!"...

At The Roche Ferrrerrro
Felicity postulated that the odd brown things around the rocks were due to prehistoric man trying to make cupcakes before inventing the oven. Now, had prehistoric man bothered to ask any female, she'd have pointed out the bleedin' obvious.


Finally, totally knackered after hauling rock, there was just enough time and energy to mug at the camera for a souvenir photo!

Souvenir photo
Well, actually, Felicity wanted a smootch, but somebody else was busy mugging at the camera.


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