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Facebook timeline

Okay, so maybe the Profile Timeline isn't that bad. I just never asked and one day I didn't have an option. So here's a big picture showing my Facebook activity in 2012 (a composite of screenshots from my phone). As you can see, I'm a real hardcore user... Really, I only have this profile because a bunch of people at work said "you're on facebook, right?" and I said "oh, sure" then ran home and created a profile. ☺
This is also why I won't "friend" any of you. As far as people at work go, that is my on-line presence. I don't mention this (heyrick!), nor my programming stuff, or anything that isn't posted on my profile. A profile I visit maybe once a week, or fortnight, if I remember...
Facebook's timeline


Numpty error

I couldn't get my phone to start the browser on a blank page other than setting the default to "about:blank". If I fire up the browser when re-establishing the mobile comms, it says this:
Can't find about:blank


Amazon's big FAIL

So I was invited to Amazon's new app store. I guess it is nice to have an option of semi-official application sources (how much does Amazon vet content?), and God knows that for a search giant, finding stuff in Google's MarketPlay is pretty difficult.

So when Amazon offered me its "App-Shop" app (interestingly, not on Google Play), I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Amazon App-Shop

It installed, it started. It asked for some potentially dodgy permissions (may be necessary to run an app store, could have been better explained), but these permissions were nothing compared to Google's own stuff. I gave it my credentials.

Amazon App-Shop

Only to be met with:

Amazon App-Shop

Well, my Kindle account was an international version stored at

Amazon App-Shop

I tried, on a whim, transferring my account to, and this is what worked. Of course, if Amazon had pointed this out in the first place...

Amazon App-Shop

So, I tried again and was connected.

Amazon App-Shop
Get used to that little spinning thing. And note also the warning icon at the top left. Amazon's App-Shop is a massive memory hog and is unimaginably SLOW.

To give a comparison on memory use:

 Google PlayAmazon App-Shop

So I look at some categories. I try Video.

Amazon App-Shop

After more than ten seconds, the app eventually reported:

Amazon App-Shop

Eventually I found an interesting looking application.

Amazon App-Shop

So I "purchased" it. There was no obvious "Install this" button until I went to the bottom of the information and then looked back to the top.

I would have seen the status of this item was "Purchase" and then "Download", but for some reason the app kept jumping to the bottom of the description.
Here's the purchase:

Amazon App-Shop

And then the download:

Amazon App-Shop


Amazon App-Shop

Translation: QR Code Generator Pro was corrupted and cannot be installed.
Explanation? No.
Retry button? Apparently not.

However, it is listed on my Amazon account as a "purchase":

Amazon App-Shop


To be honest:

  • I think this software is best classed as "beta quality". In numerous places, the text doesn't fit the icon (example: the "Continue" button when you need to provide your password to turn off in-app billing (it is on by default)).
  • I'm not too fond of the black colour scheme. The application has big obvious buttons, but somehow it doesn't seem terribly welcoming.
  • The app is overly large, its data consumption also.
  • I will forgive it not having so many apps as this is something new and it will take time to get established; however what I cannot forgive so easily is how slow this product is. When I look at video players, MP3 players, TuxRider, and a plethora of things that run quite smoothly on a 1GHz model, I wonder what the hell takes so long for App-Shop.
  • Please allow "Start at boot" to be an option the user can turn off. You know, there's so much unwanted crap that starts at boot (SonyEricsson - Facebook app? are you listening?) that I need to run a task killer a few minutes after the phone has booted to get rid of it all or I will suffer a degradation in available memory and battery life. Amazon might have a ton of reasons why it should auto-start. It should still be an option for the user (auto-start should always be a user option, for the phone takes long enough to get going as it is...).
  • So I "purchased" an app that turned out to be a failed installation? And the failure to install was not reflected in the Amazon order history. I'm not terribly bothered as it was a zero-cost purchase, I would be somewhat more annoyed if it was a paid-for app.
  • Which makes me ask - why are there no user friendly options? An explanation of what went wrong. Did my phone run out of space? Was the download messed up? Could it be retried?
    There ought to be a coherent explanation of what went wrong, and if applicable a "Retry" button so the user can take measures (delete unwanted apps, switch to WiFi instead of 3G, etc etc).
  • Why is a "free" app considered a purchase? Does Amazon live for paperwork or something? ☺

I might return to Amazon's App-Shop in a while (like, a year) but for now I have uninstalled the application. Too big, too slow, and evidently too unreliable if my only app "purchase" fails.


Nefarious nudity?

Naked nonsense
Kate may be a modern girl and all that, but she really needs to get her life in check and understand that she may be the future Queen.
Do you think QEII took her top off anywhere other than the bathroom? I doubt it.

But to consider legal action for these photos? I get that they will feel privacy was invaded and I get that she got caught out in the noddy, but really I think the best course of action would be for them to lick their wounds and be rather quiet about it.
For to continue, would... well... two words: Streisand Effect.


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Rob, 16th September 2012, 00:27
I can't even load the amazon app store on my phone - I get a "corrupted app" type message every time when trying to install it! Sigh.. Shame, the free-app-of-the-day has thrown up some nice ones on the tablet.
Rob, 16th September 2012, 13:55
Hmm... do you know how many Rick Murrays turn up on facebook if you search for them? And none with that picture! :-) 

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