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Bang splat - EPIC Google Navigation FAIL!

Went to a vide grenier in Ancenis yesterday. Got seasons 1 and 2 of "24" for a fiver. I'm pleased, having not watched any of 24 (but looking forward to learning the Jack Bauer Interview Technique ☺).

I had Google's Navigation on to help us find the way without doing any of that boring stuff like, you know, looking at road signs. When it went terribly terribly wrong.

At least we aren't stupid enough to blindly follow the directions without thinking "huh?" first.

The screenshot, content I posted in a Google support forum (here) says all you need to know:

Screenshot of forum posting


'nuff said.


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Rob, 25th March 2013, 23:26
Not quite as bad, but I had google navigation instruct me to turn right (in the UK) at a no-right-turns junction just last week. And once I back tracked and approached from the other side, it delivered me to the back of the industrial unit I wanted, where there was no door, rather than the front, accessible via a completely different road. Gah.
Zombie, 26th March 2013, 01:52
24? You were robbed! Oh I see. They paid you 5 to dispose. Regarding the map, I see it has you going round two northerly roundabouts the wrong way too.
Rick, 26th March 2013, 02:06
Hey Zombie! 
I've followed my example route all the way down. We drive on the right in France, so heading SOUTH we would go around the left side of the roundabout as you look at it on a map. ;-)
Zombie, 27th March 2013, 01:56
Oh I see you have got them to draw arrows on the map. It now shows the correct directions if you were coming back rather than going ;-) 
PS. Pain in the a**e your goo link not being clickable or copyable. Bah! 
Rick, 27th March 2013, 02:58
Just for you then, there's this: 
And the forum thread is here: 
Nicely, somebody is helping to get this fixed.

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