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Help make a little girl's dreams come true!

Virgin Media is doing a contest of short features to discover new talent. One of these films is starring Eva-Jane, the young daughter of Rob, who many of you may know if you are/were active in the Beeb scene. Yup, the same Rob who has commented here from time to time. So, I'm how many degrees away from Kevin Bacon?

It is described as:

Desperate not to get in the way on her big sister's wedding day, Alice does her best to put her own spin on proceedings. Affectionate Northern comedy.

This is is worth watching just to see what one person described as "an island of calm amid the chaos". I don't think Eva-Jane actually says anything, but with that sort of expressiveness, she doesn't need to.

Watch it, and if you like it, please vote for it - and tell others.

Voting is done using Twitter. You'll need to use the Tweet button under the video, not the "Share" thingy in it. Something to do with preserving the hash tag.
Alternatively, tweet The Big Day #VMShortsVote (I'd make it a link if I knew how!).

Eva-Jane has already had small roles in productions on CBeebies and BBC1 (CBBC?), so I think it is quite likely that in the future she'll be "known". Already she reminds me a lot of that girl in Outnumbered!
You can give her a help in persuing her dream by voting, so what are you waiting for? ;-)


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Rob, 24th July 2013, 23:41
Well, Tiddler earns herself a Bacon Number of 3, if you relax the rules to allow TV appearances. (As do I, since I'm in the background of one shot.)  
But thanks for the plug :D

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