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Where Am I?

Where, where, where were you
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["When I Needed You" (Erasure)]

Hey there!

There is a reason why my blog is not being updated anywhere near as often as I would like (I have a review of iOS 7 written, but not done the images yet).
The reason, quite simply, is that I have no time. In the run up to Christmas and the holiday season, we - at work - are doing a stretch of six day weeks. You don't really appreciate what that means until you do the work, do stuff at home and with family on Sunday, and then you're like "hey, wait, where's my day off?!?!". After a couple of long weeks, it gets to you, and when you're cruising toward the fifth (or is it the sixth?), well, you no longer care so much because your concentration is shot and you feel like a Zimmer Frame could become your bestest friend.

Oh, sure, the first three are paid which is good when it is tax season (a few hundred euros here, a few hundred euros there...gotta keep Mr. Hollande supplied with Flanbys...oh wait...) and the rest count as hours in hand so I can maybe take a couple of days off in March... I'll appreciate it later, but for now. Buggerations.

[keep this up, you'll need to yell Akkariiiin! to call me]


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