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A pile of fail to brighten up your week

First up, we recently did a guided historical tour of a nearby town and learned all sorts of things from a historian - for instance the town (founded around the turn of the first millennium) had a big wall around it (little of which is in evidence nowadays), it had a smallish river running along one of the walls (which is now a car park and no suggestion whatsoever of a river), and there was a "chateau" in town (but being built out of wood (!) there is practically nothing left except partial remains of the foundations in some unused land).
Sounds good enough, right?

The downside was that it was chucking it down. This meant that the walk involved trying to hear over the noise of rain hitting umbrellas while dodging said umbrellas. Some people were careful and held their umbrellas high to be out of people's way, the majority were a lot less careful.

Special mention should go to the girl in the middle of the picture who did the hour and a half wearing remarkably little considering the weather (it was a cold wind) and without an umbrella. She's either a tad crazy, extremely gung ho, or just learned an important lesson about trusting weather forecasts...

Next up, Google is taking my search for windy friday a little too literally:

Okay, it is good to know it won't be windy on Friday, but I was actually looking for a song by the country singer Hoyt Axton.

I a similar way, I asked Siri to schedule the Perseid meteor shower in the calendar. In the process of adding the appointment, Siri helpfully pointed out that I had this scheduled for the 11th. I said to add this one anyway as the night of the 12th into the 13th was the best time to see. So, obligingly, Siri did.

Nana Owada is a member of the Japanese super-über-group AKB48. She was also recently the lead role in a bizarre but amusing television series called Sailor Zombie (so called because she wore the infamous sailor style school uniform for a lot of it, and there were zombies, lots of zombies). Anyway, she provided a link to a video of something, I forget what, might have been the series theme tune or somesuch, on her YouTube account. Which was blocked because it contained copyrighted material. I'm sure a person with a firecracker up their backside could explain in length about how the girls don't own anything they create, it is all owned by the group management and producers, blah blah.
From an end viewer point of view - a girl from AKB48 posts a video of something by AKB48 which is blocked by AKB48. Otherwise known as fail!

A standard bag of flour costs between €0,50 and €2,50 per kilogram depending on the type of flour, the quality, if it is organic, milled by hand by elves, etc.

Enter a company that is catering for the extremely lazy and/or retarded. At €0,99 a shot, they'll sell you a nice tidy pre-measured 100g dose of flour. No error, no accidents, everything is brilliant so long as you need multiples of 100g and don't realise that this prices their flour at €9,90 a kilogram.
Good god, people, haven't you heard of scales? Or "balance" in French. A basic piece-of-glass-with-an-LCD type will probably set you back between five and fifteen euros. Sounds a lot? That's about three batches of cookies at the price of those doses!

And finally...

The biggest fail on this page must be this:

As a native English speaker, it can sometimes be worthwhile looking at text written on shirts to observe the stupid, the funny, and...
...the scary.

Here's a top for a 3 year old girl:

Say whut?

A three year old girl wearing a top that says: My special day: I await you on the beach to make many bathrooms together.
Say whut?



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Gavin Wraith, 6th August 2015, 17:14
The Monty Python dictionary sketch has evidently been thrusting itself into our slice of the hypercosmos. It shows how dangerous TV can be. It will be the lethal joke next. 
Tuadhail Poib, as an Irish Bertie Wooster would say.
Rick, 6th August 2015, 18:00
Umm... My hovercraft is full of eels?
The Revelator, 3rd September 2015, 14:19
Wet girl is fit. You should have pulled.
Rick, 3rd September 2015, 21:43
Dude... WTF? I'm forty one!

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