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So the world has President Trump to look forward to. The problem is, however, not that Trump won, but that the Democrats put somebody as corrupt and hated as Clinton in as their official candidate. Quite a number of people had been predicting that Trump would win, because the Republicans nominated who may well have been the worst candidate on earth, until the Democrats put forward somebody even worse. Congratulations, Democrats. You were basically handed this presidency and you cocked it up.

One thing for certain is that the major players in the world are starting to vote in extremists. They will call themselves "populists", but if you look at their core message, it is one of extremism. So much so that the retards that brought about Brexit are screaming for the United Kingdom to be an autocracy. Anything, so long as they get to throw all their toys out of the pram. Foreigners too, if possible. It's a ridiculous situation, and Brexit will eventually hurt the country more than anything since the '70s. As, I rather suspect, will Trump's policies hurt America. In the UK they are complaining now about "the elite" (as if being a moron is something to aspire to), and the thing is that the logical outcome is - to quote the late Leonard Cohen: the poor stay poor while the rich get richer.
You can talk about "democracy" and "the will of the people" all you want. The entire Brexit fiasco was so well stage managed that I rather suspect it was the desired intended outcome. Which means, these elite that you are so angry with? They're taking you Brexiteers for mugs, and because you're all stupid, you played along.


I had roughed out a long article explaining why most Brexiteers are numbskulls and why many of the Brexit concepts were factually incorrect - but I can't be bothered writing it and marking it up. The dumbasses didn't listen before the referendum, they're too busy running around in self-obsessed superiority to listen now. We'll just get to watch as they gleefully flush an entire country down the crapper.

In place of a wall of text, I will give you the two most salient points to ponder upon:

  1. The ballot was basically - EU In or Out. Well, the country could fairly painlessly leave the EU tomorrow and become an EFTA country (like Norway). However, the main two points of the Brexit campaign was to keep all the non-existent money for yourselves, and to stop foreigners getting in. Problem is, just leaving the EU isn't going to solve that. You basically need to leave Europe and revert to WTO trading while hammering out agreements on a billion trivial things with every single country. Do you have any idea what this actually means, like, for the economy and your children's futures? Did you even think about that, or did you just nod in agreement to the slogans thrown out by the twat propping up the bar and the buffoon driving the bus?
  2. All of that said - how the hell could you possibly have understood what you voted for... when months down the line the government itself still doesn't know.


Think this blog article is uncharacteristically rude? Well, yes. It is. I had, for a long time, said very little on the topic. There has been so much to say, but I'm clearly a "remoaner", so I said nothing.
Now? Now I've had enough. Enough of the stupidity. Enough of the whinging. Enough of the greed. Enough of the never-ending stream of utter bullshit. It wasn't, actually, Trump's win that was the tipping point. It was the rape/death threats aimed at the judges who dared to remind everybody that mob rule does not make law (which is, no matter what any Brexiteers say, why the referendum was not binding). The MPs make law. By voting. And tortuous processes passing stuff between the two houses. That's how it is done. And insulting the judges who pointed this out? That was the tipping point. Now I don't care. I'm going to say what I feel. And if you never come back and read my blog, or talk to me again, well goodbye.
There may be some people who voted against the EU with good intentions (I get that the EU isn't perfect, but it's the best thing there is to fight against the continual disappearance of labour and skills to other parts of the world); I've heard enough stuff on radio and TV to have formed the opinion that most Brexit voters are gormless retards.
Furthermore, the vision of democracy that they espouse is one that prevented me from even having a vote because it's been more than 15 years since I was a registered voter. Despite that the result of Brexit will affect me more and more quickly than the rest of the citizens of the UK, I (and hundreds of thousands like me) was deemed to be irrelevant.
Furthermore, there is an idea floating around the EU to allow Brits who wish to remain EU citizens the ability to opt-in to it. The Brexiteer crowd are screaming and moaning (as is their way) that this is unfair, that it would create a two tier population, blah blah blah. As if there is any fairness at all in possibly ruining my life, totally ignoring the "democratic will of the people" (Scotland, specifically), and advocating an executive to have the power to make up laws on her whimsy. The only thing that is fair to them is "me! me! me!".

In short - you Brexiteers can take your Brexit and shove it up your asses.



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Theresa May, 12th November 2016, 00:24
Nice. You can go sod off yourself asshole. Were going to make this county great again the great in great britain. You see if we don't and we don't want assholes like you here just bugger off you just bugger off.
Rick, 12th November 2016, 00:40
Funny, I'd have expected rather more eloquence from the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. 
Actually, I was just about to go to bed when my iPad went "ding!". And... what can I say? This pretty much makes my point, don'tcha think? :-) 
jgh, 15th November 2016, 22:04
I couldn't believe the moronic attacks on the judges and Parliament (well, I could). This *exactly* what the country voted for - that UK courts would judge UK laws written by UK politicians in the UK Parliament.
rOB, 16th December 2016, 20:18
I've said very little myself publicly about this, but I do now have to say: I agree with you 100% Rick. Especially with regard to the abuse at the Judges. This was a point of law that needed to be clarified. And MPs need to be seen to be held to the law just as much as the rest of us. It is NOT acceptable for them to simply make it up as they go along. 
I think the whole Brexit campaign was abhorrent. There was so much mis-information, scaremongering, and indeed outright lying going on that I despair about our country. 
As for Hillary Clinton... there's some interesting reading here, esp for the techies among us: llary%20Clinton.pdf 
What astounds me is that this woman, put forward as a possible US President, <i>could not use a computer </i> (Pg 145) and did everything on a blackberry, or on paper. And then we have Trump... what can I say? I'd not be surprised to find him selling the country off piece by piece... with a hefty discount to The Trump Organization LLC of course.

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