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Neuros OSD test points

I had written most of this before I got ill. A brief tidy of the markup, and here it is... A list of the test points on the Neuros OSD board.

TP Purpose Expectations
TP1 14.31818MHz clock to TVP5150 OSC 14.31818MHz waveform
TP2 1.8V to TVP5150 +1.8V
TP3 3.3V +3.3V
TP4 +5V before YPS VREG +5V
TP5 +3.3V after TPS VREG +3.3V
TP6 Connected to GPIO1 ?
TP7 SDRAM clock SDRAM can clock up to 125MHz...
TP8 SD card DAT2 ?
TP9 DM320 48MHz clock 48MHz waveform
TP10 PLL1705 27MHz clock 27MHz waveform
TP11 Audio clock ?
TP12 27MHz from PLL 27MHz waveform (for video encoder)
TP13 !RESET High (+3.3V) unless reset
TP14 +3.3V to CF card +3.3V
TP15 +3.3V pullup for CF control signals +3.3V?
TP16 CF PWR ON signal High (+3.3V) if CF powered
TP17 CF ENABLE High (+3.3V) if CF enabled
TP18 DM9000 TXVDD +3.3V?
TP19 DM9000 25MHz OSC 25MHz waveform
TP20 +3,3V for network interface +3.3V
TP21 Right audio output Line level audio
TP22 CVBS video output PAL or NTSC composite video signal
TP23 Left audio output Line level audio
TP24 Audio clock (at entry to CODEC) ? 27MHz?
TP25 +3.3V at OPA360 video filter
TP26 Raw CV OUT (video prior to filter) Akin to a composite video signal?
TP27 Filtered and shaped video signal Composite video signal
TP28 Raw composite video input (or S-video luminance) Composite video signal
TP29 Video enable, for switching composite video pass-through when powered down +3.3V? to control relay
TP30 Power, +3.3V or from CR2032 cell, to MSP430 MCU ~3.3V
TP31 32.768kHz clock for RTC 32.768kHz waveform
TP32 MSPRST Pulled low to reset MCU
TP33 IR IN Raw signal from IR detector
TP34 IRQ from MCU High if MSP430 wants to interrupt DM320
TP35 IR Blaster Signal from DM320
TP36 IR IRQ High if MSP430 wants to signal IR to DM320
TP37 80kHz signal (from DM320) 80kHz waveform
TP38 Modulated IR waveform for blaster Expect PCM at around 38kHz
TP39 USB PWR High if USB port is powered
TP41 +5V raw power input +5V
TP42 +5V raw power input, after fuse +5V
TP43 Master +3.3V after VREG +3.3V
TP44 CVDD after VREG ? +3.3V?


Here are the DM320 GPIO assignments:

GPIO01  ?    Pulled low, but has TP6
GPIO05  IN   MS card detect
GPIO06  IN   Ethernet IRQ
GPIO07  OUT  USB power enable
GPIO08  IN   SD card detect
GPIO09  IN   CF card detect
GPIO10  OUT  TVP5150 PDN (power down)
GPIO16  OUT  LED red
GPIO17  OUT  LED green
GPIO25  OUT  CF enable
GPIO27  IN   Serial RxD
GPIO28  OUT  Serial TxD
GPIO29  OUT  CF power enable
GPIO30  BI   IIC clock
GPIO31  BI   IIC data
GPIO32  OUT  Enable video
GPIO33  OUT  80kHz
GPIO34  OUT  Blaster signal (PWM)
GPIO35  IN   SD write protect
GPIO36  OUT  CF reset
GPIO40  IN?  TVP5150 C_WEN (active video area)



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