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My final hours of being a European

These are my final hours as a legitimate European Citizen.

After midnight CET, I will become... something else. Like a Somalian, perhaps. But not a European. The rights and privileges that I was born with will evaporate. Quite what the situation will be and what happens next is unknown. As, to be honest, has been the case for the past four years.

So for all the Brexit supporters of England:

  • Do not expect congratulations
    Having half of my identity torn away is nothing to celebrate. You want to make me European and take away my British instead? Get in touch...
  • Do no expect understanding
    Far too many people have the opinion that as a non-UK resident, the whole referendum thing has nothing to do with me.
  • Do not expect compromise
    The UK has consistently failed to guarantee in law the rights of citizens (on both sides), and they seem to still be stuck in the fantasy where they compete with European companies on an even playing field...even after leaving the bloc which gave British companies the right to those equal opportunities.
  • Do not expect sympathy
    If you're dumb enough to believe that it is possible to establish lucrative trade agreements with a president whose slogans were "America First!" and "Make America Great Again", you are utterly delusional.

You voted because of the mess of immigration - which is your own government's failing.
You voted because of austerity - which is your own government's failing.
You voted because the EU didn't give you everything you felt you wanted - which is your own government's failing.
You voted because of "red tape" - because doing it once at EU level is so much harder than doing it for every country you plan to trade in.

You voted because human rights mean nothing to you.
You voted because you're totally okay with diminished worker's rights.
You voted because you don't care if the beaches are unsanitary and harmful to your children.
You voted because you don't mind the wealthy abusing loopholes so they can avoid paying tax.

The first four, you probably did. The latter four, you probably didn't. But strangely enough there's this thing called "consequences".

Speaking of which:

You made this, you OWN this.
If it turns out to be a good thing (which I doubt, but if it does...) then you can celebrate and talk about those dark days of being shackled to the nasty horrible EU that wouldn't let you have blue passports.
If it turns out to be a bad thing (as it surely shall) then you accept responsibility and NO, the Remainers did NOT sabotage your greatness. This is on you. It is now on you to deliver.

And... no... you didn't Get Brexit Done. We're now entering into the transition period which is currently hardwired to end at the end of the year. The next eleven months will be nothing but Brexit as it's no longer possible to kick the can down the road. Maybe now, with the timeliness providing a concentration of minds, the relevant British MPs might actually turn up for their meeting with EU counterparts and bring their dossiers with them.

And then, whatever comes to know how there are some people who say that everything - good or bad - is the will of God? Well, everything good or bad will be "because of Brexit".
I lost my job, it's because of Brexit.
My daughter's placement at sixth form has been cancelled, it's because of Brexit.
That damn feral cat gave birth last night, this sort of thing wouldn't have happened if we stayed in the EU.
Did you see Rigel explode into a Rorschach butterfly supernova last night? Goddamn Brexit...


Me? I have a big box of UHT donuts (don't ask), some new pillows to be more comfortable in bed. Which is where I'm going to be in just a few minutes. Watching whatever looks good on Netflix. For those of you celebrating, don't forget to order your own incredibly tacky "Got Brexit Done" tea towel. After all, it might be one of the last pieces of official merchandise to bear the Union flag.



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David Pilling, 2nd February 2020, 16:27
<true> Last time I bathed in the sea the UK was not in the EU and it was full of raw sewage. Did me no harm. </true> 
UK governments never seem to strike favourable deals with other countries (so that's OK given the current situation). It's the Empire, they feel guilty for the past and give the other side a good deal. They feel superior, if France can put in 10 billion, the UK can put in 20. Or the other side holds a grudge for the past. 
In the last election both sides were very detached from what their parties had done previously. Meaning it is not impossible to blame past governments for what has gone on.
Rick, 2nd February 2020, 16:55
Back in the '80s, mom and I went to a beach on the south coast. Climping, I think it was called. Low tide revealed a large outflow pipe buried in the sand. Perhaps not coincidentally, she suffered a nasal infection that took YEARS and many hospital visits to deal with. The doctor cultured some of her snot and wanted to know if she had been mistreated, I think he thought somebody shoved her head down the toilet bowl or something. But no, just a nice British beach... 
Apparently I was ill. I don't remember. I think I was 8 or 9 at the time. 
UK governments don't get favorable deals because, like with the EU, they suck at negotiating. Probably still of the mindset of "thou shalt" and unable to cope with "no" as a response. 
Sure, it's possible to blame past governments. Every so often you'll hear somebody, still, thirty years on, blaming Thatcher for something (often "the housing crisis"). 

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