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My lottery playing habits

Every so often, FDJ (the French lottery people) send me questionnaires for my habits regarding my lottery playing. I filled out another just the other day. They seem particularly interested in pre/post CoViD habits.

Let's make it simple:

  • Before the unforgiving plague, I would buy a lottery ticket (two or three lines, for EuroMillions only, both draws) either in town (on a Monday or Tuesday usually) or at the supermarket in Châteaubriant (on a Saturday).
  • Now? I play online using the app. I do not go elsewhere to buy tickets.
  • Why? Because I do not believe the worst is behind us. Quite the opposite in fact. I also believe that there will be no "return to normal" this year, next year, or ever actually. In trying to deal with the fallout of the virus, the economy has taken a battering and sooner or later the bankers will want their pound of flesh. It's us that will be expected to pay.
  • As much as possible, I intend to minimise my contact with other people to that which is least until such time as there is a vaccine, which works, and I have received.
    Put it like this, if I was to win big on the lottery, I'd quit my job, blow a thousand or so on food and resources, go home, close the door, and stay the hell away from everybody. I mingle out of necessity. The local supermarket because I need to eat (as do the kittens), and work because bills need paid. I'm not happy doing either, but there's no alternative.
  • It is interesting that you have asked about the level of hygiene in the newsagent/tabacconist that I used to buy my tickets from. The thing is, whether or not I trust their standards of hygiene is irrelevant. I do not trust other people, and in a smallish enclosed space, it only takes one person with an ineffective mask sneezing.
    Furthermore, when you first asked this, masks weren't obligatory. Those most likely to fail to cover their mouth when coughing also didn't bother with masks.
  • You ask what other 'games' I play. Aside from EuroMillions, I play chess and Koi-Koi (hanafuda). I used to play with some friends from work in town. I don't any more. See above.
  • Oh, and I don't play more or less. The same as before, only via the app rather than in person.
  • As for going back to normal - we're due a severe depression, widespread job losses, leading to yet another round of pointless slaughter. Rather like a hundred years ago... So... normal? What normal?


A parcel arrived...


For those who don't fancy watching the video: Amazon offered me a €5 reduction if I spent €25, so like a complete sucker I went and bought something.
Actually, I had something in mind. So I ordered it late last night, and it arrived today.

My parcel. A BOX G10.
My parcel, a BOX G10.

Inside? This year's Playmobil advent calendar, and a little French guy to make it up to €25. ☺

Playmobil advent calendar.
Playmobil advent calendar.
This year's theme is "at the farm". Complete with special flecked cows. Ooooh!

There's more, but you'd need to watch the video for that.


An international take on Johnson's power play

While sections of the British press are trying to blame the EU for the chaos of the Brexit negotiations, and in some cases, blame the French specifically.
The French press? Here's a part of Ouest France's cover for the 10th of September:
Ouest France cover, 10th September 2020.
© Ouest France, Thursday 10th September 2020.
They're not blaming "the English". They're pinning this right on the unreliable untrustworthy git that's kicking a hornet's nest because he still has delusions that one country can best 27 others acting in unison.



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