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Hello Felicity!!!

I was driving home when I saw that little white Aixam 400 (or 500?) that isn't Felicity.

Then I waved to the driver of the school bus (I go to work at the same time she goes into town, often overtaking me; and we frequently pass as I finish after work).

Then I saw another little Aixam 400.

"Oh my god...", I mumbled, because I was sure I knew that car. Not "a white Aixam 400", but that specific white Aixam 400.

Then I read the licence plate.

"NO F***ING WAY!!!".

It wasn't like Felicity, it wasn't another Aixam 400SL. It was Felicity.

Like I said, no f***ing way!

The dealer is based somewhere just south-west of Rennes. It's about 55km away. From the dealer, Dinan is closer than I am. Dinard and St. Malo are a little further. Josselin is about the same. Or Redon.
So what are the chances that they would sell Felicity to somebody who would drive right past me?!? What the actual hell?

But, there she was. Obviously all the broken bits patched up, and off she goes to carry somebody else around. There's life in the old heap of random quirks yet!

Hmm, I wonder how much he paid, and what they told him the kilometrage was. ☺

But, yeah. My previous car passed my current car on the way home today. Bloody hell...




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David Pilling, 9th November 2021, 19:31
Amazeballs - at least your car does not now belong to someone who is a criminal (speed cameras) and has not changed the ownership records. I always imagine my previous car ended up in Eastern Europe, where it might be economical to repair.
J.G.Harston, 16th November 2021, 00:35
When my first car died, it was so bad the MOT tester said: we haven't tested the airbags because we need to get an explosives specialist in.

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