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Health & Safety?

Over the last few days, and continuing for about a week, a local supermarket is replacing most of its freezers and refrigeration units. Now, I don't know about you, but I might have been inclined to stay closed a Monday and get this sorted in a long stint from Saturday night to Monday morning.
It must surely be more customer-friendly than leaving crap over the floors, and having people weilding blowtorches less than a metre away!

On the plus side - a couple of years ago they redesigned the fruit&veg aisle to be rather smaller than it used to be. It looks like they are rethinking how wise this was, and will be making it larger. Especially as it is often cheaper to buy produce to make food than to buy oven meals. I tend to get oven meals as I'm a lazy sod, but mom is big on fruit and veg. Especially bio (organic) stuff.


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