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Adieu Le Bar...

In a local town there was a bar. They did a nice big salad for mom, plus chips (decent chips) and salmon for me.
In September they got notice to leave. Some changes were being made.

And indeed they were. The waitress is a cute fluffy-haired blonde, but this doesn't get away from the fact that the food has changed to be something artfully displayed on black plates. It is all a bit too nouvelle cuisine for me - too much style over substance. And the menu... OMG! Once you get over the prices, you have to take issue with the fact that it is aimed at people with some rather highbrow tastes.

Mick - if you're reading this, the bar is no longer. <sob!>


Adieu La Frite

So we drove awhile to a town called Bain-de-Bretagne. There's a truckstop with a name like Pommeniac just south of town, on the fast road.

WTF!!!??? The eatery there had been replaced with something serving toasted sandwiches with all sorts of faffy flavours like bacon and goat's cheese. Not a single effing chip to be found! Aaargh!


This leaves the last bastion of the venerable French Fry to be McDonalds. And even this is decidedly second rate as sometime in the last year or so they changed something (the oil?) so the chips are 'okay' when they are hot, but when they are warm or cold - which, let's face it, is how they are usually served - they are damned disgusting. Limp slimy things, like easting slugs. Or entrails.

I fear that in France, the chip is dying a tortured death. And my tummy's happiness along with it.

So what do I miss asides from Tetley and Cheddar? How about a big plate of chips oversalted (up yours Jamie) and drowning in Sarsons. None of this cider-with-a-sprig-of-rosemary balls, just plain ordinary to-the-point Sarsons. In the curvy bottle.


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