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How many ARMs do I have?

Don't say two... that's lame.

Count 'em up. There's the A310, the A3000, the A5000, the RiscPC.

You're forgetting the two Bush boxes.

Well, there's one in my PVR - the TMS320DM320 contains an ARM926EJ-S core, clocking at 360MHz internally and 160~180MHz externally.
As does the Zen in the shape of the STMP3760 also with an ARM926EJ-S onboard.

A Sigmatel STMP3760 (ARM core) in a Creative Zen
There's an ARM in my Lexmark (type not known), and I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't either an ARM or something similar in the Brother printer.

We're up to eight, possibly nine. And those are the ones I know about.

Oh, wait... The A7000 board. Well, that's arm++; and not including the possibility of digital cameras and that D-Link router.


You can't pwn me that easily!

I am a long-time subscriber to Bush Internet. I activated the account with my Bush Internet Box and it has been going ever since. It's a useful address to give out to companies who you aren't sure you trust as it is not a mail service I use much (webmail only, no POP3).
Well, look, read this:
Attempted, lame, pwnage as a BushInternet support service message

Come on, come on, are people really THAT stupid?

I like that the "From" looks legit, with it's " Help Desk", but as soon as you reply, if you are paying any attention at all, you'll see you're writing to th, as in Thailand.

Come on, come on, are people really THAT stupid?


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Rob, 8th April 2010, 07:29
lol, the sad thing is that this is by far one of the more competent phishing emails I have seen. Aside from "we are having congestions!" and "a very strong virus" the English is far better than you usually see.
Rob, 8th April 2010, 11:18
(Another Rob? Wheeee!) 
I get these fairly regularly: 
From: " support" <> 
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2010 10:34:19 +0100 
Subject: account notification 
Dear Customer, 
This e-mail was send by to notify you that we have temporanly prevented access to your account. 
We have reasons to beleive that your account may have been accessed by someone else.  
Please click on the following link (or copy & paste it into your web browser): 
Where is my email address. 
Weird, as I own my own domain, am tech support, sysadmin, etc, all on my own. I don't remember sending myself that email, so maybe I should check out that website, in case it's another one of mine I've forgotten about. 
Sigh ... 
I've added a BLAH to the URL just to stop anybody trying to access the linked .exe file - are people really that stupid? 
Rick, 8th April 2010, 11:56
Are people really that stupid? There was a bloke whinging on Radio4 a while back that the government must do more. He gave all his bank details (including card codes) to a website and got ripped off. The bank, rightly, didn't want to play a part in it. Whinge, whinge, whinge. 
Are people really that stupid? 
Robin, 8th April 2010, 14:42
Aw bugger, I guess I will have yo use my whole first name for a change or it is going to get confusing.  
A site I found interesting, and funny, was, a site pretty much dedicated to just plain screwing around with scammers.
Rick (at work), 8th April 2010, 18:20
Robin? Uhhh... Are you Rob or are you Rob? Wait, hang on, this is already confusing! ☺
Robin, 8th April 2010, 23:35
Lol! Umm, I'm Rob 2.0! The new one. I figure I should let the original keep that name, only fair. =P
Rob 1.0 RC5, 9th April 2010, 12:43

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