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Clear skies, sort of

There is a light haziness to the sky. The result of a distant volcano? The result of world-plus-kitten ploughing their fields?

What is strange, however, is not one single jet has flown over. The only plane I have seen this afternoon is a low flying little pedal^Wpropellor powered plane.

That's it.

Now, if it wasn't for all those tractors, it would be absolute tranquility.


Update - why the planes aren't flying...

Following on from Rob's comment (below), I thought I'd include a picture (2010/04/18, 00h40 CET) showing how the ash cloud is passing over a huge swathe of Europe, and keeping the majority of the planes on the ground.


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Rob, 17th April 2010, 12:10
Not been watching the news? Most of Europe's airspace is closed - no jets have been flying for days. Apparently the Channel Tunnel is doing brisk business...
Rick, 17th April 2010, 13:23
Sorry Rob, we CAN'T have missed that news, it is everywhere... I just didn't bother to mention what seemed to be the blindingly obvious, hence only the small reference to the volcano. ☺ 
Today, a bit hazy still, but otherwise clear and sunny. I'm going to make a cuppa and then go outside to enjoy it. Byeee!
Rob, 17th April 2010, 18:20
Ah but you forget that the majority of the accesses to this page will be ten years down the line, when people searching for a viral video of a farming cat will cause google to place you at spot #1 for "Kitten ploughing" and you'll get all these visitors wondering what on earth you are going on about. So I felt it my duty to tell them. 
Unless, of course, the volcano doesn't stop spewing dust into the air, the air travel industry collapses, and we have to invent a whole new mode of transport for the overpaid to get from one end of the country to the other in as short a time as possible. (Thinking here of one report of a minor royal whom couldn't get to an appointment in London because there were no flights from Scotland. As if there were absolutely no alternatives.)
Rick, 17th April 2010, 18:55
So, people will come to my b.log ten years down the line and wonder what the heck I'm on about...? 
Isn't that situation normal?
Rob, 17th April 2010, 22:03
Well I was just trying to sugar-coat it ...
Rick, 17th April 2010, 23:47
Oooh, sugar is good. Chocolate is better! 
I've updated the entry with a graphic from a website that lets you track airplanes more or less in real time. It is mind-blowing that this site exists, in these frightened-of-our-own-shadow times...

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