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EPIC interference KILLS the Internet.

You've heard of REIN right? No, not things on horses, electrical noise... [there's a good introduction here], well, play the video below to check out electrical interference so bad that it kills the Internet.

This video is captioned in English and French.
Cet vidéo est sous-titrée en français et anglais.

Cack-up log: My current work hours are 8pm to 3.30am. I may well be on/around the internet from 4am to 6am...? Don't expect any reports after 7am and before 2pm! ☺

  • Most days - about 5-6 o'clock until 6-7 o'clock. No accurate records kept; but radio interference started approx. early Spring when a nearby farm had a new local substation to tap directly off the high tension. This may be unrelated.
    I am aware of ADSL line interference, but up until the summer I would have been at work in the evening and in bed for the morning, so may well be unaware of the scope of this problem.
    It appears, to me, that this problem has become worse this last month. Actual or perceptual?
  • 2010/09/18 - estimated around midnight until 5.15am.
    Stopped at 04h00, restarted 04h15.
  • 2010/09/19 - started 20h15 for about 10 minutes.


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