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Line issues

Saturday 25th September was a day when, for the second Saturday in a row, the Internet was down most of the day. I wrote a little bit about this on Sunday 26th.
This Saturday was fine. Not a problem. On the other hand, it was off last night from 3.15am to 11.03am, with a further hiccup ten minutes later. Radio noise? Line you wouldn't believe.

Of course, being a night geek with no Internet and nothing worth watching on TV, I was bored. Very bored. So I made a bento, a clafoutis, a cheesecake... ☺

Anyway, on Saturday I threw together some code to draw a chart of Internet droppages, which - hiccups aside - correspond more or less to the horrible interference on the electric. The chart is automated. I added the text and captions by hand as it was quicker than writing code.

Line monitor results for the weekend of 25th-26th September 2010


Meet "Hanako"

I like my bento, I love the built-in chopsticks. But the big problem is that it is not microwave safe. Cold noodles are fine in the summer, but now the miserable weather is rolling in, you need warm noodles.
So meet Hanako, my new bento:
Hanako, the bento

It is a smaller bento, but with two compartments and an awesomely cute little bowl! Her hat turns over to be a bowl. You can see a picture of this at Satsuki.

Wham! Bam! Slam!

Cooking noodles
On the left, Oyakata noodles - as if there'd be another option! And in the frying pan, SuperU's "Poêlée Japonaise" which is noodles, beans/peas, and chicken. It's quite nice.
Note also the ridiculously huge chopsticks for cooking. For some reason I ordered two of them, must have been half asleep and double-clicked the order button or something. No big deal, they were like two euros fifty or something? Anyway, to say I'm cack-handed would be quite the understatement. So I set myself the challenge of removing the shiitake mushrooms, which I'm not so keen on, from the meal. By the time I finished, and only dropping a dozen on the floor, the meal was cooked!

Okay, Hanako, open wide!

The filled bento

If I remember, I'll see about getting a photo with the mobile phone...


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