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Yet again it seems we don't exist. There was a small 'do' on Thursday. Everybody took an hour out of work, in turn, in order to listen to a presentation and try some of the products that we make. I'm not overly concerned about missing out on the products, I've already 'sampled' everything of interest. But I am quite displeased about missing out on the presentation. While it'd probably be a lame self-congratulatory piece, it would still be interesting to see what direction the company thinks it is going in. We have fewer orders than normal for this time of the year - economic troubles will take their toll. Will the company look to expand into new markets? New areas of production? What?
At work was a list showing who will be in which presentation. Every worker (except the high up green hats who'd be doing the show). Every worker, that is, with two specific exceptions. Are we supposed to not give a damn?

Here's the only evidence that anything even happened, but by the time the girls got off shift and helped themselves to what remained on the way out... there was practically nothing.


Our hours change next week to 5pm until midnight-thirty. My cow-orker is planning to have it out with one of the green hats. I play the lottery because I still have hope of winning enough cash that I can jack this in and hang out in a Maid Café in the middle of Akihabara (after, that is, finding a nice guy to take mom to a temple or something - she'd not get the geek scene at all). My silly little dream, or the green hats listening... I think I know which one I'd bet upon.


(other miscellaneous whinges)

Turned up to do final work before summer break. Went and said "Hello" and was greeted with "Oh, sorry, we forgot you, oh well, grab something out of the freezer...". Thanks.

Oh, and the Internet kiosk at work was infected with a virus (as detailled here on 25th March) and it remain in place until August when, OMG, they discovered a virus on it. Yeah, a bit slow on the uptake there, guys.

How come I was told that it was forbidden for me to replace the plastic cover on the fluo lights, yet now we're supposed to climb ladders, take the covers off the ceiling-mounted refrigeration units, do our work on those covers, then put them back? I wonder how their insurance would handle that?

If numpty-Quality Control girl has positioned herself as our "boss", how come I am no longer able to leave her messages? I now have a person in charge of me who has stated that I cannot directly communicate with her. Personally I think she's a lazy cow as this week, when instructed to sort out the scheduling of those ceiling-jobbies again, she said she will knidly leave it up to us to sort out the planning as best fits our work. So, wait, I cannot talk to my "boss" (yes, always in scare quotes), yet I am now supposed to know the company planning for around two weeks, plus interact with the heads of the different parts of the company, plus instruct the maintenance men as to when/how to turn off the units? No, I really don't think I have that sort of authority. And if I did, WTF is QC girl's role? Oh, I know, to be a "boss" while accepting zero of the responsibility of being a boss. Sounds about right.

Plus, make no mistake, I am highly pissed at having to replace the grilles to two of the units that were FUNCTIONING. As in fingers and crap within inches of high speed and powerful fans. Why? Because my cow-orker took them down (sorry, I'd have blankly refused to touch an operational unit...) and he was behind time, tired, stressed, agitated... Icould see an industrial accident in the making and since I had experience with laser printers and stuff (heat and high voltage if you aren't highly careful), I offered to replace the things before he chopped off fingers or scalped himself. This is not a situation we should even have been in.

Yeah... Roll on some winning numbers... please!


On the other hand...

...I bet there's a part of the company only too happy to see some of the seasonal workers leave after their so-many-months. I came across this, and there's no way I was going near it. This is a control box under a conveyor belt. While some things get smashed due to careless behaviour and newbies not knowing that heavy racks loaded with products are liable to smash things if attention isn't paid, this pictured below... a maintenance man and myself surmised that a bit of swift action with a steel-capped boot is about the only valid explanation, as its location underneath would protect it from most things. So, like, who would do something like this?
Smashed control box.
[and yes, things easily get that mucky in the course of a day - remember, the clean-up is two guys paid for 7 hours which means 14 man-hours a day tidying up the mess!]


Cute bento

I said I'd take a piccy of this, in use, at work. Here you go!
Cute Bento.


And on a topical note

I was going to drop in a picture of the infamous "puking pumpkin", but while it is free in its watermarked form, I need to contact for permission. This is not unreasonable, but since I am writing this on the 31st, I just don't have time. So, here, I'll give you a link to the photo, with description!

We usually have a pumpkin, but not this year (thanks to crappy work hours making shopping difficult). Oddly enough, I'm not aware of any of my carved effigies having been captured in their glory. Oh well, maybe next year.

And happy birthday to Sara P and our cat Ellie!


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