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Car parking hall of SHAME

Why can't I drive? I mean, I know I don't have a licence but it's an expensive bit of paper. Why can't I just get in a car and drive it? After all, I'd do better than this lot!

First up, the not-so-bad ones. Lazy parkers. Stupid, yes, but mostly lazy.

Crap parking, example 1.

Crap parking, example 2.

Then the epically bad. What, you need four spaces in order to park? Are you that worried about your precious car, or are you really that poor at judging space?

Crap parking, example 3.

Crap parking, example 4.

This piece of crap (and I'm not talking about the car) swung into the pedestrian walk (look at the ground colouring), nearly hit us, then when he got out of his car he stared as if to say "why the hell are YOU in MY way?".

Crap parking, example 5.


I could, of course, have legions of snapshots of dumbasses passing on solid lines - sometimes uphill on blind bends with oncoming traffic! - but there's just no way to power up the phone, switch to video mode, and then get a piccy...


Experiments in remote development

In order to help a friend try out software he created on the OSD, which he didn't have his to hand, I opened up a port on my Livebox, plugged the OSD in, and let him know the access location and temporary login password...
The software still doesn't work (we're trying to externally modify the programming schedule and then kick the scheduler to notice our modifications) but we're further down the line with trying to see what does and doesn't work.
The OSD connected to the Livebox.


Nokia oddity

Here's a picture for Mick. You see, my Nokia's "loudspeaker" has stopped working. Everything works just fine normally, but switch to loudspeaker and it is no louder, and very distorted. A quirky side effect is I can no longer hear the phone ring - for the loudspeaker is what plays ringtones.
I think, myself, that something has gone wrong with the loudspeaker amp, as you can see the speaker is just, like, one thing with two contacts. Though Mick thinks he might know a guy with lots of spare parts, so if we can find a similar speaker... well, it'd be worth a try...
Strange thing to go wrong on a phone that's practically never used! Anyway, here's the photo:
My Nokia's speaker.


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Rob, 1st November 2010, 12:18
Bad parking annoys me - most particularly those who think that parent&child spaces in the supermarket are there just so that they can park their nice Boxter sports car closer. Not because trying to get a kid out of a car seat in the normal spaces, without banging the cars alongside with the door, is like an almost impossible 3D puzzle. 
I did start putting pictures up on for some time, but there were just too many, and I didn't get the sox working right. If you want a side-project, let me know and you can have the domain!
Rick, 1st November 2010, 16:45
The worst one are disabled people. Yeah, I know this will probably get me a few unkind emails, but supermarkets put disabled places as close as possible. So why then do so many disabled people elect to drive on the pedestrian zones to dump their car bang smack outside the door? I mean, if you're so bad you can't make the extra three or four metres to the allocated space (given it's usually twice that far across the entrance lobby), you really ought to stay at home and have somebody else go shopping. Because to place cars in such an inconsiderate place, it is a hazard to others and as this message testifies, doesn't get you any sympathy...
Rick, 4th November 2010, 02:44
I feel I should point out that when the box was connected to the Internet, I saw the lights on the ethernet socket blinking rather more than they should have been. 
I'll tell you what - is there any way with Linux to record login connection ATTEMPTS with the IP address? I only exposed port 23 (telnet) and I would bet cold hard cash on random attempts to get in from Chinese IP addresses. 
That said, maybe I could just code up a fake telnet server in VB, expose it to the world, and see how many guys from Shanghai give me a wave? 
Here - message for ya: 我独自离开。这里 没有什么有趣的。

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