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  • 2011/10/05 - My Edamame (soy) harvest, on rooting an Android phone, trashing a Subaru in Japan, the Euro crisis, and on privacy (and why it matters).
  • 2011/10/09 - Free misses the point - why Richard Stallman is wrong (and the GPL bad); Livebox (old) fiddles - and insides; the Livephone; turn-of-the-century Japanese postcards; Maître CoQ's DISGUSTING poule au pot.
  • 2011/10/13 - Pieces of me - the electronic persona and its continuance
  • 2011/10/17 - Mondays, inexplicable computer pauses, vide greniers, hot burgers and a hotter woman, Sims (and more heat), pre-burgers roaming the field, and idiot gendarmes. More or less.
  • 2011/10/20 - Gary McKinnon and The Law - jurisdiction where?
  • 2011/10/25 - Android application oddities, phone unlocking, Britain - a second rate EU member, your right to your 'image', a final farewell (to the dead).
  • 2011/10/31 - Halloween, Graveyard, and the Dead of Night
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