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The forgotten week

No b.log entries, pretty much no emails, nothing.

It all started on Tuesday. We were working until 5am. At 4.35, I was talking to one of the cooks and I made a gesture for something, and a tiny drop of "Delladet" (JohnsonDiversey VS2) flew off of the end of my glove and into my left eye. As it was a mostly-pure solution I had been using, I washed my eye with the eyebath at work, and then we went to our local hospital. After half an hour wait, a doctor took a look, then had me wash my eye out again. By this time I was pretty wet, having dumped a litre of water into my eye.

As they didn't have the facilities, and as it was a public holiday, I was referred to Pontchaillou, a big university hospital in Rennes.

Here we are joining the "Rocade", a ring road around the city. Think of the M25, only with better lane discipline and fewer roadcones.

Entering the Rennes Rocade

On the way we passed the stadium. The Rennes Stadium. Le Stade Rennais, which by some bizarre quirk is the name of the resident football team. So we have teams like "FC Lyon", "Manchester United", "Brentford Bees", and then... "Rennes Stadium". Maybe it makes sense to them...

Stade Rennais

Down a lovely tree-lines lane with falling leaves, it looked like the brown version of "Sakura snow" in any number of animé. Then we reach a blah and boring sign that says "CHU Pontchaillou", and then... the hospital. With a dozen car parks, the entrances to which are mostly elusive, there's a train stop, plus a metro (subway/monorail(ish)) stop. And the place itself is large. Here's the main building:

CHU Pontchaillou, Rennes
There's no A&E here, that's in a building off to the right. There's more. Look it up on Google Map, you'll see how big it is.

So, I saw a pleasant eye doctor who poked and prodded, then gave me a prescription for some medicines to put in my eye, and then a patch. This was followed by a mad dash back home (and some hardcore Googling on my mobile phone) to locate who was the "Pharmacie du gard", the one chemist in the region open on the holiday - for eventualities such as this.

As it was an "accident du travail", I paid nothing for the medications, or any of the visits/treatment. I did notice that the pharmacy whacked on a four euro surcharge for being open on the public holiday. ☺

At work, the following day, I wore a big white bandage over my eye. It was something of a source of comedy for many, with one of the pick'n'pack girls actually reaching out to pull off the bandage to see what was underneath. I told her it was hiding a big tentacle with teeth, and when it opened its mouth, there were more teeth behind. Another girl said I should watch different movies, so I told her there was a lovely Korean film called "A Tale Of Two Sisters". Hehe.

Today as I write this (err, on the 6th!) is the first day my eye has felt right. It has been itchy, dry, and at times blurry (but that may be a remnant of the vaseline stuff I had to put into it).
I also know one eye is 12:10 and the other is 9:10, whatever that means, though it was a rather rough'n'ready test in suboptimal conditions.


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joe, 13th November 2011, 11:16
The first qudstion, which comes to my mind is, where were your safety glasses? You have to buy a pair, it is a must, google the eye injury at work and look at the photos 
We have got a big poster, at he entrance to our factory with plenty of these photos 
I am using HTC HD 2, Opera Mini 10 and I can post comments if I set Opera to desktop view.
Rick, 14th November 2011, 16:32
Hi Joe, 
The problem is, I was talking to a cook and not actively in the process of work, thus would not have been wearing protection - because our provided "protection" is a flip-down whole-face mask, not goggles. 
I put protection in quotes above, as my previous accident (with chemicals in the other eye!) was largely due to the solution getting under the mask and bouncing off of the inside of it. Eek! 
Simply buying a pair will not suffice, for equipment has to be passed through Quality Control and they won't approve external stuff, and the company obviously feels the provided equipment is sufficient. Been there, done that, when I bought myself surgical face masks because their toilet-paper-on-a-string masks were utterly hopeless. <sigh> 
The posting of comments will come to mobile view soon. It's just that the current comment form doesn't fit into the 320px design of the mobile view and I've not gotten around to a redesigned version. ;-) 
You can also post comments if you switch the blog (as opposed to your browser) to desktop view...
DennyOrtega, 15th November 2011, 11:17
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