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Mavica photos

A selection of photos taken with the Mavica digital camera.



Wawa [kegawa, 毛皮]


Winter sunset
Winter sunset


Circuit board
Circuit board (Neuros OSD PVR)


CHIRP! (Sparrow)


Mobile phone tower
Mobile phone (cellphone) tower


"Luna" (NASA) or "Moon" (everyone else)


Dead nettle
Dead nettle, heavy dew, night flash shot


After the storm
After the storm


Strange sky before a (different) storm
Strange sky before a (different) storm


Mummy-Duck, Moorhen, and assorted chicks
Mummy-Duck, Moorhen, and assorted chicks


Moorhen (known in France as a "water chicken", poule d'eau)


Chicken run!
Chicken run! [Moorhen chick]


Colza (Rape, as in Brassica Napus)


Sun breaking through clouds
Sun breaking through clouds


Wildflower (sorry, don't know what sort)




Environmental chaos
Here's a piece I like to call "Environmental Chaos"


Unadulterated (non-watermarked) images are available. Maximum size is 1024×768, so not really suitable for printing, but should be okay for website graphics. Email me if you're interested... [some images have been enlarged and/or post-processed]


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joe, 10th May 2012, 05:13
Hi Rick, 
how many megapixels and how many times optical zoom? 
I don't want to spoil the atmosphere here, but I have missed comments on the previous one, sometimes you don't 
write for long time, yet sometimes...... So please forgive me. 
Just quick one the emigration, from my experience of course, I have noticed, that these people only buy their 
products, go to their restaurants and their take away shops, after they are granted citizenship, they go back to their countries, get married over there to their own people and come back, have kids, kids grow up, buy their products, go back to their old countries and so on..... 
There is this cleaner guy, he is one of them, no offense to the social position, he is doing contracting working for our company, cleans toilets and dinning areas, I had a few serious arguments with him in order to stop him from using the same "tools" for cleaning toilets, kitchens and dinning areas, why putting on rubber gloves while cleaning toilets, if kitchen sink is no different to you. We are not worthy of their respect.
Rick, 10th May 2012, 16:38
Hi Joe, 
As it says above, the maximum image size is 1024×768, with 14× optical zoom (and image stabiliser). 
Your cleaner should be handed his notice. Any halfwit knows that you DO NOT use the same equipment for toilets and food preparation areas. If you see that again, you might want to have a word with management. Such behaviour is not only thoughtless (and arrogant, as this has been pointed out by you), but also dangerous. There's a whole heap of very definitive health reasons why (normal) people don't play with their poop...

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