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I know about 45,592 words! has a word test thing. I tried it at college level, and got 9/10 words (admittedly, one was a correct process of elimination). Thus:
I know 45,592 words

Mom got 10/10 (so knows a mere 50K words ☺).

You can try the test yourself at (needs scripting); post the results in the comments below!


Jubilee Heroes

While Big Liz looked fed up at the end, and Prince Philip seemed to be having a blast, I think the out and out beyond-the-call-of-duty are the guys who stood atop the symphony boat, singing for hours, in what might be the most objectionable weather you could expect in June...
...but, hey, Britain is famed for its rain.
Soggy songbirds
[watch a BBC video of the finale]


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Rob, 5th June 2012, 14:30
Hmm. Ran it three times - each one had at least one word that I wasn't quite sure about, ummed-and-ahhed between two options and generally picked the wrong one! So, yup, 9/10. Fun stuff; Thanks for that!

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