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Beagle update

My Beagle xM reached Australia pretty quickly. My µSD card (with RISC OS) booted on Joe's board, but mine wasn't going to play along.

So it looks as if it will be sent back to the Beagle guys. In... er... America? Wow, this will be one well travelled board when it comes back! Shame I can't send myself to another country for €12...


Google madness

Have you noticed how Google's search results seem to be less and less and less relevant as time goes by? I don't mean just pollution from stackoverflow and bigresource, but that the searches themselves seem to be a random hodge-podge of rubbish and not what you are looking for, until you find it and you're like "how come this didn't turn up sooner?".

Then... then there's Google's annoying tendency to search for what it thinks you meant rather than what you actually asked for. At times annoying, and at times amusing as it suggests Google's search algorithm has no concept of how search phrases may be related, but just blindly autocorrects on the priciple of UserIsAnIdiot...

Google trying to be clever


Print costs

I know there are companies that can print books for you. You supply a PDF (or whatever) and they'll print it "on demand". So I contacted a randomly chosen company AskPrint and said that I was looking for an idea of pricing for a one-off of a publically available PDF. Specifically the PDF of technical reference manual for the TI OMAP3730 SoC. Okay, the hard part is that it runs to 3677 pages. However that's only 920 A4 pages if you print pamphlet (double-sided A5, four 'pages' to a sheet of paper). Fiddly to do by hand, ought not be too difficult for a print house. Either way, I asked for the cheapest quote to get a copy printed...
How much it'll cost to print a 3677 page PDF

You know, it would cost me less to buy a budget laser printer, three toner packs, and eight reams of paper to A4-single-side it myself. If I invest more time (i.e. all evens, then all odds) then I can get myself satisfactory results and have a laser printer at the end of it...

If you can think of a better offer, please let me know! I'm not fussed if it is single or double sided, A4 or A5, plus (due to size) it can be split into multiple 'books' for ease of binding. Additionally, paper weight is not relevant so long as it is legible (print it like a bible for all I long as it can be read!).



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Chris Gransden, 29th June 2012, 18:12
To stop google madness just put the word in double quotes.
rob, 1st July 2012, 20:10
test2, 2nd July 2012, 20:22
Rick, 3rd July 2012, 05:40
Test 3? :-)

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