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Oh What A Carry On

Let's see if I have this right. There was a guy, called François Hollande, who was going out with a certain Ségolène Royal. Had some kids, didn't get married. Now this man is going steady with a now-notorious Valerie Trierweiler who it seems really has it in for Ségo.

More or less. The story is a little more convoluted, and rather comes across as a rather public slapping from the current First Lady to the previous girlfriend, with Hollande looking decidedly sheepish as the shrapnel falls around him.

My advice? Dump her.

Here's why:

  • This sort of behaviour is unacceptable as the relation of the PRESIDENT. I put the title in bold in case anybody has forgotten the important of his position.
    (and we thought Mr. Bling-Bling was bad enough)
  • It may or may not have been Val's "tweet" (yes, social media nonsense) that caused Ségo to lose her anticipated seat. However, she has proven that:
    1. By officially supporting the opposition party, she has stated an intent not to support her boyfriend's own party.
    2. Thus, while she is entitled to her own political desires and ambitions, she has shown a desire to put a personal spat above the wellbeing of the ruling party.
    3. For Hollande needs a socialist senate, or we'd just end up with an Obama-style government where the two sides just spend most of their time opposing each other instead of doing useful things.
    4. Therefore, ultimately, her short-sightedness can be damaging for France.

  • But it doesn't end there. To carry on (and yes, it carries on), this is damaging to the reputation of Mr. Hollande as he tries (perhaps in vain) to beat down the rampant desire of the Germans to stick to their approach and screw the rest of Europe, even though it is painfully obvious that the austerity and no-bonds-for-you is not solving the problem.
    I'm with Hollande on this, we either need to act to prop up the weaker member states, or we need to shed them. The complications and results of either action are not entirely palatable, however the potential result of a long spell of inaction is likely to result in a snowball that nobody can control. In essence, either Europe gets its act together in a hurry, or it admits "nice idea, shame it failed". That's where we are. Hollande is trying to leverage the Germans into a position of continuing the Europe we know, and also to point out that nothing but austerity is not fixing anything. I think Angela Merkel is well aware of this now, but can she sell it to her voters? Either way, it'll be a lot harder for Mr. Hollande if he is a laughing stock.
  • Thus, Valerie's action are potentially damaging not just to France, but to Europe.
    All because of some bitterness of a former girlfriend.
Me? I'd have shown her the door weeks ago. Mr. Hollande, now a major player in Europe and the guy in charge of France, does not need this. At all.

Here's a lovely picture from (article link) that sums it up...

Poop from on high
[copyright unknown - various sources, no clear owner]


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