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First week of my holiday. Mick departed on Monday and I started to come down with a sore throat. Thinking it was a summer cold, I dosed up on the usual stuff and... Wednesday the thing was insufferable and there were no other symptoms. So it was starting to look like a throat infection. Not sure where the heck that came from, and to my knowledge the first in my life. Doctor doesn't work Thursday (and seeing another is a paperwork nightmare), so I waited to see him first thing Friday. As in before 9am. Yeah, that's how bad I felt.

Mom said in her estimation it was a "strep throat" and I would need some amoyciline (antibiotic) and a sort of yeast-bacteria concoction to keep the gut working.

The doctor looked in my throat and said "goodness, that must hurt!". Yeah, was it obvious? Every single time I swallowed it felt like a knife twisting in my throat. I didn't say that, however.

So he prescribed... amoyciline, the yeast-bacteria, an anti-inflamatory (reduce swelling), and paracetamol.

As I write this, it is Sunday evening. I'm sitting outside with Ellie (mama-cat) and earlier I had a pack of salt&vinegar crisps which would have been unthinkable earlier in the week. There's a load of stuff to do, say, write, but I've only caught up with some of my blog because the anti-inflamatory is making me tired. I keep going for walks up the lane and back (so I don't fall asleep!).

More to follow, in time. Talk some more about Mick, so he doesn't think a €3 monitor is more important! [though it is hard to talk about friends as it doesn't seem like something you ought to be sharing; I can, however, dig up a photo of the work we got through!] And there's some damn fine news. I mean, BIG SMILE news. I'll stop here and go for another walk so I don't doze on the keyboard, and leave y'all in suspense. Hehehe...


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Rob, 7th August 2012, 16:56
Big smile news? Now you are definitely teasing us...
joe, 9th August 2012, 08:39
I am sick since Saturday morning, inhaled some nasty spot-welding fumes, on Friday morning, while testing projection welding machine, the machine spot-welds galvanized studs to the metal sheets, half an hour exposure. 
Rick you must have inhaled some of the chemicals you use at work.  
The chemicals, which we are using can even dissolve industrial grade paints, better stay away from the area.
Rob, 10th August 2012, 23:08
C'mon Rick.. we've been in suspense long enough now. Did the dog come back? You've been given a free FTTP upgrade? You finally did win the lottery? A cute Japanese girl smiled at you? You invented time travel? We need to know!
Rick, 11th August 2012, 16:11
Just testing the comment form on a mobile device. (^_^)
Rick, 5th September 2012, 23:25
Mom pointed out that I managed to spell "amoxycillin" incorrectly both times I wrote it (correctly: was "amoxycillin", now dumbed down to "amoxicillin"). 
This is because I'm tired/ill/dylexic/TooLazyToWikiIt/stupid (delete as per your preference).

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