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Big Smile News

Sorry Rob! I'm on holiday and I wanted to enjoy the short blast of nice weather!

Rob suggested some options:

  • Did the dog come back?
    No, I doubt he will be back.
  • You've been given a free FTTP upgrade?
    Some day. The Bretagne 2.0 project promises 100mbit to everybody by (checks off fingers) maybe 2015 now. I don't know how they plan to do it given how remote some places are, and how most of the phone lines are strung up in the air. Still, not my problem, I'll just wait until I get offered an upgrade.
    To be honest, I'm not overly disturbed by 2mbit. After the demise of MegaUpload, the file share sites offer rates that would embarrass an analogue dial-up modem. You know it's pitiful when you have a lethargic connection and you can run two downloads side by side with capacity to spare.
    I just wish there was something in the protocol where I could choose whether the speed is upload or download, as the 256kbit upload rate is a little slow. Can't do much in the way of playing with streaming video with that.
  • You finally did win the lottery?
    Just won EuroMillions. Two numbers and two stars, bags me around €25. A far cry from the €190M (won, yet again, by a Brit!), but it's better than nothing. At least, it'll pay for my next round of tickets. (^_^)
  • A cute Japanese girl smiled at you?
    Well, when I visited Nishikidori Market, a cute Japanese girl smiled at me. But to read anything more into that would be about as creepy-stalkerboy as James Blunt's You're Beautiful.
  • You invented time travel?
    No, but there's an idea kicking around my mind for rocket-less (and possibly FTL) travel. It involves a closed amethyst rock with induction loops on three axis and oscillating currents. Hardcore sci-fi with just enough realism to not be entirely fruitcakey.


"We need to know!"

Okay, okay, okay...

As the summer break was approaching, I applied for a change of position to a daytime job, being the guy that deals with Goods Out. I went for an interview, where it was decided that my French wouldn't be up to dealing with the complexities of the paperwork and the rigorous traceability. My boss did suggest an alternative that I might be suited for.
At the time, my green-hat cow-orker also applied for the Goods Out position. He had the interview and then a two day assessment.

On my final shift, the Friday after most everybody had already left on their summer holiday, my boss comes over and says that, for the other position, the company chooses me.


What this means is...

  • My job is split into two parts. The first part is, I'm still a cleaner. I deal with the changing rooms, break room, and the front offices. Essentially the places the normal cleaning crew (i.e. me previous) don't do.
    The second part, I go where I'm needed. This will usually be the production area, but may involve special cleaning (such as storage rooms etc). I said I am okay for using chemicals still, as it will be occasional rather than all-day-every-day.
  • THE BEST BIT: My work starts at 10am, and finishes at 5.45pm (with a 45 minute break). Every day. Regular hours and no more nights!!!!
Remember when I said I'm not a morning person? Screw that. I'm willing to be up around 8-8.30! (^_^)

I believe I got this job as I know the work, I can work autonymously, plus I think it says something that a known-loner wants to integrate with the various teams in the factory. While I used to do my work with my MP3 player, the fact is that neither myself nor my cow-orker spoke to each other asides from the expected pleasantries. We simply had nothing in common.
I also like to think I somehow impressed my employers.



Okay Rob...

Two RPis, two builds, two companies. Comparisons? How is it to use? Done anything interesting with it yet?



Something Rob pointed out to me was Retrochallenge. It is too late now for this summer's challenge, but given the Beagle offers a serial port, there can be opportunities for playing with older hardware. I was thinking of porting something to talk to Psion organisers - for the PocketBook II / Psion 3a offers more productivity tools than any number of Android smartphones (plus the battery lasts, like, forever!). It looks like Acorn's PocketFS sources may not be around any more. Hmmm...


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Rick, 11th August 2012, 16:46
I may look to porting PsiFS now I've got an okay from Thouky. Mind need some hardware jiggling though, as I don't think the Beagle's serial port is fully wired (RTS, DCD, etc).
Rob, 13th August 2012, 09:03
So no Japanese girlfriend in sight yet... aww.. But Big Congrats on the new job - that'll make life easier, and put you back with us in the land of daylight! Well Done! 
Not done much with the RPis yet, bar run up OpenELEC on one - that's been used a bit. Too busy doing other stuff to spend time playing :-(

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