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A challenge: A blog post every day in December!

I never really liked the chocolate that you get in advent calendars. I used to eat it because I was young and didn't know any better. Now, as an adult, I know European chocolate and have an inkling of what chocolate could be like. Even my preferred white chocolate.

So, leaving chocolate behind, I decided that an advent calendar should offer something more. An advent calendar is not just for Christmas! Oh... wait... yes it is. But, even so, do we have to put up with yucky chocolate? I notice Lindt doesn't make advent calendars. This year it is Barbie and Monster High and some Disney creation called Violetta (who?). All of which were mass-produced boxes with the same sort of thing inside.
If I'm supposed to be enjoying the "yuletide season" and "feeling festive", why do advent calendars suck so much?

There is an alternative.

Yup. A Playmobil advent calendar. Perfect! Actually, there was another one that was pink and had fairies and stuff inside. That didn't really say "Christmas" to me. Reindeers and elves and santa? That says "Christmas". With a red nose and sleigh bells.

So, together (yeah, this is the interactive bit), a window will be opened every day (as you're supposed to) and I'll put up a picture of it sometime in the evening. Maybe I'll talk about some random stuff as well. Which means that 24 days in December will have a blog entry.
Well, that only leaves seven days.
I'm sure I can write something every day.

So there it is. My challenge. To have a blog entry every single day in December.


And to help?

I have the best man for the job. Here we are mugging at the camera at four o-clock in the morning after a hard day at work. What started out a simple idea turned into a religion and then evolved into its own mathematically valid universe. Or something. I don't know. Actually we spent most of the night quizing each other on Haruhi trivia, the politics of Firefly, and trying to remember the title of that animé with the cat-spirit-girl and Yato the bellend god. [it's Noragami]

I'm annoyed. He is better at Koi-Koi than me.



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