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I have just bought myself a strimmer. A Black & Decker (or Stanley, these days) 230VAC strimmer. Here's a publicity photo pilfered from Google Image search:
Strimmer publicity photo

I wanted an inexpensive mains powered strimmer because, like with my drone, the run time of batteries is considerably less than the charging time. It wouldn't be a lot of help if it was, say, 15 minutes of activity and 180 minutes of charge.
It might not look particularly solid, but it is intended for places like here:

Out front
This is out front. It's too uneven to be done by either mower, and as it isn't a large area, it's a real pain setting up the petrol strimmer for this. Not to mention it needs some degree of finesse, and the petrol strimmer as well as being heavy is also great at ejecting smashed up bits of plants and bugs directly at me.
So, all in all, something more suitable for the job made sense.
The list price of this was €66 on I didn't want to buy the cheapest as, well, I didn't want something that would fail after my third use. And I wanted Prime delivery so I know it'll come reasonably quickly, but more than that, Amazon provides return postage labels to send things back if there are any problems. Sadly, I've had to use this a few times (PCI satellite receiver without driver CD and a laser cartridge that was supplied broken, to name two). Amazon provided a 20% off coupon, so I decided to purchase.
It is supposed to arrive on Thursday. I guess I'll need to print a notification to leave in the window, as that isn't going to fit in the letterbox!

I hadn't noticed at the time, but the pole length is adjustable. That's a nice touch, though probably better appreciated by women (who are usually smaller). It is nice, at least, to have the option. The dual handle design looks like it ought to be fairly easy to manipulate with precision. There's also a border/edging thing (turn the head sideways), but... well... I'm not somebody who has careful edges around lawns. They usually descend into a mess of brambles.


I rather suspect mom's ghost would be wondering "Who are you and what have you done with Rick?". After all, aren't I supposed to spend my money on chocolate, Playmobil, and strange little electronic things? ☺



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John, 14th June 2020, 19:52
When I came back to the UK, I needed something for the garden grass after it had been abandoned for a whole summer in France, so I bought a second petrol strimmer, leaving my Stihl one with friends in France. 
But this strimmer was, though more powerful than the Stihl and bought from a French distributor mail order much cheaper than the original, proved difficult to start and manage. 
So, eventually, I bought an electric "job" rather like yours. It's not as graceful in use as the original Stihl (chews stuff up a bit) , to which I had become accustomed, but it hacked down the overgrowth adequately to permit the passage of the mower which I've had for God knows how many years - 30 (capital "G" for god as a courtesy!)! 
It doesn't have the balance or rhythm of the Stihl, and gives me back-ache as a consequence, but it serves. 
Not that this is necessary this year as extended absences from home (le foyer) are not currently possible! 
Did I mention we bought a camper van just before the pandemic, which has stayed on the parking in front of the house ever since!

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