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RISC OS Open gone!

Today, when trying to visit the RISC OS Open site, I see this:

Oh no!

I read the forums during my break at work, so I hope things get fixed soon otherwise I'll...

...I'll have to... to somebody...




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Rick, 22nd June 2020, 23:23
Whee! It's back! 
The reason was... We had a little downtime today as our shared host’s disc space filled up… 
Now, who hasn't had unexpected lack of disc space, only to discover that caches and log files and such have eaten through horrendous amounts? Only just the other day on my phone I used the built in Samsung device maintenance to wipe away nearly half a gigabyte of unnecessary rubbish in cache files (not normally accessible to the user). Then there was another hundred or so megabytes in /Android/data/*/cache that could be thrown away. Images and videos from embedded advertising, mostly. 
So, yeah, there's the content you want and there's the content that eats up all the space... 

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