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  • 2021/04/01 - Bravo, Manu! Vaccines. Hot and Cold.
  • 2021/04/04 - Easter, Giant Ferrero Rocher, Sakura, Gardening.
  • 2021/04/05 - What the hell, Polly?
  • 2021/04/11 - This weekend, ESP32-CAM again, Games.
  • 2021/04/16 - Waste treatment audit, Potatoes and flowers, Starting Marte, Polly Scattergood.
  • 2021/04/18 - A pleasant day, ESP32-CAM examples and settings.
  • 2021/04/24 - The post has just arrived, An easy weekend, A free bin, Distance, Winning the lottery, Vaccination, ESP32-CAM power, RISC OS show, Future of RISC OS.
  • 2021/04/25 - I got up late (cat food), Battery soldering iron teardown, Stupid Amazon prices.
  • 2021/04/27 - Potato experiment, Full Super Moon, ESP32-CAM silliness, Writing and CD ripping.
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