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Johnson is a lying scumbag

The health secretary, Sunak, tested positive for the lurking plague. He, and Johnson (who had been in contact with Sunak) originally announced that they were not going to self-isolate because, ever so conveniently, there was a pilot testing scheme that they could use.
It took a mere few hours to point out that it's all very convenient for them. What about nice polit schemes for everybody else who has had to isolate? Especially those who have missed important moments (births, marriages, funerals) because of this.

Now Johnson is trying to claim that his screeching U-turn isn't actually a U-turn, but that he only briefly considered not isolating. This may be swallowed by the drooling Express readers, but when you consider what his former bestie Cummings did, it's pretty much one rule for them and a different rule for the rest of us. It is, actually, sheer unbelievable audacity that they would even try a pilot scheme that allows them to not do the same as everybody else.
So, no, he didn't "briefly consider". He would be doing this no-isolation thing right now if it wasn't for the uproar that it created. His U-turn is basically because he is a populist Prime Minister, and the people were not going to accept this.

Will there be a FREEDOM!!! Day tomorrow? It's going to be something of a farce given the rise in cases (helped along massively by the football) and the PM and health secretaries both in isolation.


Fiddling with the strimmer


Coding outside

It was a nice day. A hot day. It hit 30°C.

So I dug up my battery, some USB leads, a wireless keyboard (AZERTY!), and an old mouse. This was coupled with my original Pi (1 model B), and ShareFS used to drop some up to date files onto the machine (and retrieve updates afterwards).

It actually worked surprisingly well, given the small size of the screen. My main problem was in remembering where the keys were (English layout, not what was on the keyboard). It helped to try typing without looking. ☺

Open air coding
Open air coding.



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