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  • 2022/03/03 - Dodgy steering, Sleep, Путин, пошёл на хуй!
  • 2022/03/05 - Other people's bugs are not my problem, Marte's steering, Garden photos, Heat?, Kitchen shelves, Self sufficiency, Elections, Dinner.
  • 2022/03/09 - Epson XP-345, a reminder of how bloody awful inkjet printers can be.
  • 2022/03/10 - Holy crap, fuel costs how much?!?!?
  • 2022/03/11 - Big Town and Picard.
  • 2022/03/13 - Happy Birthday Mom! Green credentials? Mower wheels, At Leclerc, Double rainbow.
  • 2022/03/17 - Weird sky, Mars!
  • 2022/03/19 - NetRadio stations, Mars, Shopping, A moony night, Spring is here?, Gardening - grass.
  • 2022/03/24 - The first half of my holiday, Screen banking and redraws (RISC OS), How I'm writing this.
  • 2022/03/26 - The peaceful way to write a blog, The end of my holiday, No anti-preggie pills for Anna, Mom was Nostradamus!, Copping out of cooking?, Don't forget the clocks change, Cherry buds.
  • 2022/03/27 - Planting? Microcar Dué.
  • 2022/03/28 - Will Smith is a twat, Hiding in plain sight?, Dumb things in British papers.
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