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How cold!?

I got up this morning, looked at my phone for the weather forecast, nearly had a heart attack...

Scary forecast!
(screenshot of AccuWeather app)

So, minus SIX and SNOW?

Thankfully, the girls at work took a look at that and were like "aw hell no" and looked at their own forecasts, which generally indicated a high of 3 and a low of 1 on Saturday, with a low of -1 on Sunday.
AccuWeather is being less awful this evening, but still far more pessimistic, suggesting -3 on Friday, and -2 on Saturday/Sunday, and a brief blast of -4 the Friday after next.

I think what is concerning everybody is the large area of high pressure over Eastern Europe which has sent parts of Russia to be 20-25°C below average, meaning central and eastern parts of the country have been anywhere from -25°C to -45°C.
The pressure system is expected to elongate, potentially stretching as far as the UK, which risks dragging a lot of this extremely cold air over the west of Europe.

All of which means that it's a volatile system, to that scary -6 has gone... for now. But there are still three days until my final Saturday morning.



People at work were asking me what I thought England's chances were. I told them I hope Wales wins, mostly to take the gallus England team down a peg or two (I'm sure they're the bookies favourites, right?).
But, really, I don't have one single eff to give about football, and anyway I am Scottish so why would I be that interested in the England team? They're supposed to be the "Auld Enemy". But, alas, I don't think Scotland is even in the competition.
Oh well, the Scots can hold their heads high. They do not have the blood of six thousand migrant workers on their hands. And I bet, being Scottish, they would have told FIFA away an bile yer heid and proudly worn the rainbow armbands that the English were too wussy to do. ☺



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Rick, 30th November 2022, 20:31
AccuWeather is back to saying -5°C on Saturday morning. This time it'll be cloudy, no snow. 
Météo France doesn't agree. It's going to be a chilly week coming, but not THAT cold. 
Rick, 30th November 2022, 20:38
So the head of Pick'n'Pack asked me if I was happy that England won. 
I shrugged, then said "Meh, I'm Scottish." 
Quality underling on the other side of the office giggled.  
Earlier, somebody else (one of the production line workers) asked me that. I gave the same reply and she said "but it's the same thing isn't it?". No, Scotland is actually a different country but it sort of partly shares the *British* (not English) government. Just like Ireland is an actual different country but a part of it is Britain (but not England). 
The history of Britain is...... messy, complicated, and is often based upon which royal shagged/married/killed which other royal. You know, back when kings actually did things. Not always good things (look at Henry VIII), but things. 
David Pilling, 30th November 2022, 23:04
But for that pesky girl (Joan of Arc) they'd all be English.
Gavin Wraith, 1st December 2022, 10:23
It seems that lots of people need to belong to a country, or at least to some category or other. I look forward to a time when, to be accepted by others, it is enough just to be mortal.
C Ferrls, 1st December 2022, 11:02
The king of Scotland took control over all of Britain - wasn't Henry VII Welsh!
David Pilling, 1st December 2022, 13:40
Yeah well, the more one sees of the national debt, assorted sporting nohopers etc. the more a citizen of the world one becomes.
Rick, 1st December 2022, 18:32
Citizen of the world, certainly. 
But *which* world? 
Because this one? It's kind of messed up. Give it another couple of centuries and it'll be in the markdown bin in Poundland. 😐
David Pilling, 1st December 2022, 18:38
To avoid that Barclay James Harvest and the desiderata went with "child of the universe". 
But Sir! Sir! we live in a multiverse sir. 
OK, child of the multiverse. 
Rick, 1st December 2022, 18:59
Really? We're going to argue over how many verses there are? How many times has your mother told you - it's the first and the last and skip the ones in the middle! 😂
David Pilling, 2nd December 2022, 19:29
>skip the ones in the middle! 
Very good. 
J.G.Harston, 3rd December 2022, 13:58
The second verse is always: 
ner ne ner nehr ner ne nerr ne nerh ner.... 

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