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Entries in October 2022...

  • 2022/10/01 - Mon Espace Sante, Spirits, How to break an autistic person, Wobbly seat, Quiet quitting, Holly and Philip, Saturday wreckage.
  • 2022/10/02 - Jazzing up RISC OS, French cake take two, More messing with Dall-E.
  • 2022/10/04 - The screeching U-turn, Money for the rich, Citroen Ami waiting time, Well done Amazon.
  • 2022/10/09 - Ugh Saturday, Molly Russell, Hazards when driving [video]...
  • 2022/10/10 - Linguine lengths, A T-shirt for Samhain, Choccies!, Oscilloscope and mains hum, You know you're an insufferable nerd when...
  • 2022/10/11 - Bweeg (Bouygues) SIM hack.
  • 2022/10/15 - Just wow, Well done Xiaomi, Connected scales, Another coloniser.
  • 2022/10/17 - General Election NOW, Zoom.
  • 2022/10/19 - Hey hey the witch has gone, Lidl, What a load of sh*t.
  • 2022/10/21 - Truss beaten by a lettuce (@ 5am), Morally bankrupt 1+2 (@ 6.30pm).
  • 2022/10/23 - AccuWeather was thankfully wrong, Roses?, Congratulations on X clicks in Y days!, Weather.
  • 2022/10/25 - Rashi Sanook, Lidl 'diary preparation', Here we go again.
  • 2022/10/30 - The Bastard Son and The Devil Himself, Just Stop Oil, The Clocks Changed, Twitter.
  • 2022/10/31 - Samhain, Dall-E's halloween goodness.
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