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Manga source

There is a problem with Manga that is due to, I think, anti-copying technology on the MangaHere website (ironic, given it's basically all copied content!).

Anyway, trying to fetch stuff results in:

An unwanted error.
403 is forbidden.

I think there's some sort of complex interaction between what's supposed to be fetched (there are two images, I think one is a honeypot) and cookies and...
...I really don't have the time or inclination to start up Firefox on the PC and go to network logging mode to track what's going on. Especially as the PC is running XP and it's Firefox 3.something, so putting that combination on a live website dealing in content of dubious legality is...dumb.

So time for plan B. I'm releasing the project and it's source under the CDDL licence. If any of you fancy breathing life back into Manga, here's your chance.

Manga in operation.
Manga in operation.


Here's a full archive of the application along with source.

You may also need my version of DeskLib, which you can also get from here too. The source isn't necessary, so I'm including it in case it's of use.


My Christmas

I got up late, having watched the final episodes of Black last night. Weird ending. I didn't go my nuggets and beans because I made so damn much semolina that I only wanted some toast. I'll make that once I've uploaded this.

Otherwise, I got up late, read way too much rubbish on TVTropes. Then went for a walk with the furry. It's wet but warm (~13°C).
I spent the afternoon going through the Manga source to make sure it was good for a public release. It's amusing to think that in the creation of that software, I came across (and fixed) two bugs in RISC OS, not to mention loads of tweaks to DeskLib itself. Having source is useful for things like this...

One oddity that I'm not going to get into. I'm using RISC OS 5.29 15th July 2021. In order to make the image at the top of the page, I had to load the Wimp's own templates and make the changes, to then be able to capture it as an image. This is because error boxes are (normally) blocking on RISC OS.
So I loaded it into TemplEd, my habitual template editor, and changed the icon from Edit to Manga. At which point everything started crashing as the Wimp slaughtered itself.
Okay, maybe it's a bug in TemplEd?
Nope. Plenty of resets later, it did the same in WinEd and even FormEd. It's the template itself.

The error was at &FC14DD9C which is at offset +&C1F8 in WindowManager.

FC14DD70 : ã..å : E58C16F0 : STR     R1,[R12,#1776]
FC14DD74 : .à.ä : E49DE004 : LDR     R14,[R13],#4
FC14DD78 : .ã(á : E128F00E : MSR     CPSR_f,R14
FC14DD7C : ..½è : E8BD8003 : LDMIA   R13!,{R0,R1,PC}
FC14DD80 : .@-é : E92D401E : STMDB   R13!,{R1-R4,R14}
FC14DD84 : ï..â : E28C1DEF : ADD     R1,R12,#&3BC0
FC14DD88 : ã&.å : E59C26F0 : LDR     R2,[R12,#1776]
FC14DD8C : ..1á : E1310002 : TEQ     R1,R2
FC14DD90 : ..½. : 08BD801E : LDMEQIA R13!,{R1-R4,PC}
FC14DD94 : .à.ä : E491E004 : LDR     R14,[R1],#4       <--- HERE
FC14DD98 : .0.ç : E79E300C : LDR     R3,[R14,R12]
FC14DD9C : .0.å : E593300C : LDR     R3,[R3,#12]
FC14DDA0 : ...á : E1130000 : TST     R3,R0
FC14DDA4 : .0Ã. : 13C33001 : BICNE   R3,R3,#1
FC14DDA8 : .@.. : 15934000 : LDRNE   R4,[R3,#0]
FC14DDAC : ..4. : 13340000 : TEQNE   R4,#0

This would appear to be the start of scanpollwords in the source file Wimp03, but that's as far as I'm going with this.

Hmm, on TV I have Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody (the Now Christmas channel is what my receiver ended up at after a channel rescan), and on my NetRadio is Armageddon by HolyHell. It's an interesting combination.

Eventually the template problem was 'fixed' by saving a temporary copy to disc, deleting the other windows (saving after each mod), making the window "New format", saving, deleting the extra icons, saving, making the modifications, saving... and it managed not to crash and burn. I wonder if there's some wonky pointer in there? Not sure why it would be trashing the pollword code, but there you go. RISC OS's infamous memory protection and legendary stability. ☺

Anyway, I'm hungry so I'll leave this here and go make nuggets and beans, and I guess watch more Netflix. Not sure what, though. I'll probably spend ages looking at the options and fall asleep having watched nothing. Again. Oh well.

As you can clearly see, Christmas by myself is so terribly interesting...



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Rick, 25th December 2022, 23:51
Never did get as far as Netflix. 
Stumbled across Leo Moracchioli on YouTube. 
Oh my... 🤘🤘🤘 
Best Christmas in years! 😂
Zerosquare, 26th December 2022, 12:36
Merry Christmas, Rick!

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