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Happy birthday...?

A morning to forget. I am a person who generally lacks emotions, but I really feel like there might be a benefit to putting my head into a pillow and screaming. Yes, it was one of those days.

An afternoon of trying to do two hours of work in forty minutes. Then, since I started an hour early (covering for a planned absence), I got to leave an hour early. Whee!

I did a quick whip around the supermarket and left with a half-empty bag. I can't shake the feeling that I've forgotten a bunch of important things but I've racked my brain and I can't come up with anything. I have milk, yoghurts, some Country Store, two ready meals (Monday and Wednesday, I'm not working on Tuesday). I even bought vacuum cleaner bags and floor cleaning solution. Domestic crap. And, you know, since it is my birthday, I treated myself to an LED candle (at 60% reduction so it was about €3) and a similar price for a flip-lid glass jar to replace the Le Parfait one the teabags used to be in.

I came home, got the strimmer out and whacked the weeds around the house that shot up following the rains of the thunderstorms. I've neglected the outside doing all the inside stuff, but the grass is looking like it only sort of maybe needs mown and the strimming? Well, there's more to do (places the mower can't get) but the untidiness around the house has been sorted.

I wrote a long missive about work and pay, but I think I'll hold off on saying anything for now.

And, following sitting at the keyboard (the musical one) absentmindedly playing nothing badly, it's twenty past ten. I got up at five. Long day. I think I'll go feed kitty and make an egg-mayo sandwich.



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Rob, 16th June 2023, 22:27
Many happy returns! :-)
Zerosquare, 17th June 2023, 09:09
Happy birthday!
Gavin Wraith, 18th June 2023, 11:50
Yes, happy birthday. As one gets older they seem less important. I suppose it took mankind a few millennia of stargazing to come up with the idea of 'year'. Of course we could count by weeks instead of years, in which case my birthday is Thursday - I think.
J.G.Harston, 18th June 2023, 12:38
I'm coming up to 20,000 days old soon! 

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