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  • 2023/07/01 - No bodies, Loi Eckert, A night cake, Summer sales, My new washing machine.
  • 2023/07/05 - Inflation, A heated food box, Diarrhoea bitches!, More bank trolling, Washing machine insurance, Dear Anon.
  • 2023/07/08 - God and women, Origins of 'God', Stirling Engine redux, Antenne Symphonic Rock radio, My washing machine motor.
  • 2023/07/12 - Does Auntie shine out of the Sun's arse? Harvest.
  • 2023/07/14 - Google Docs and epub.
  • 2023/07/15 - Washing machine motor, Oh darn it, Gardening stuff, Scribd, Enchiladas.
  • 2023/07/16 - A tale of time and books.
  • 2023/07/18 - Oops! Crabs! Embarrassing!
  • 2023/07/22 - Today was..., Stopped!, Banks should stay out of politics, Let there be light.
  • 2023/07/23 - Psion Organiser, Washing machine lethargy, Water is weird.
  • 2023/07/24 - Chemical corrections, Learning, Music.
  • 2023/07/29 - Sixty thousand, Price gouging, Little green men, Audiophile, Crap Lidl bug lamp, Cats.
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