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Internet trauma

I played with IPv6 a few days ago, and my internet broke. ROOL and The Guardian worked, my site didn't. Rock Antenne Symphonic Rock worked, Love '80s and Epic Rock Radio didn't. None of my cameras worked. Furthermore, I couldn't even contact them when on the same network!
Step outside with 4G, everything (except the cameras) worked.

Went to work, wondering what the hell was going on. Orange diagnosed a fault at my premises that would require an engineer to visit, but I wasn't interested in that given there was nothing that seemed wrong physically.

Came home, had more time to look at what was actually going on. By now, pretty much nothing worked. But I was able to get ROOL again if I picked it up from a 4G tether and then used my broadband. That behaviour was weird, it was as if DNS was dead.

It's always DNS.

Except when it isn't. In this case, the DNS failure was a symptom. The problem? As part of trying to find where to poke a hole in the IPv6 settings to allow incoming connections, I had mistakenly left the Livebox firewall set to Custom rather than the default Medium.
Which, at a glance, looks like it was set to allow https connections and nothing else (including DNS!). The reason some stuff sort of worked the following morning, and again after using 4G is because of whether or not the name had been cached on the device. You don't need to look up "" every time you visit the site. There's an expiry time attached to DNS requests, so you can carry on using an already-looked-up value until it expires.

Switching the firewall back to the correct setting was it's own trauma, and one that nearly required a change of underwear. I hadn't realised that the internet radio and amplifier was on, the radio having patiently kept trying to connect all night and through the day, was finally able to do so and my lugholes were blasted with a frenzied Battle Beast guitar solo. I'm so glad I wasn't holding my cup of tea or I'd have decorated the ceiling.


Sweet almond

Is already in blossom! It's usually the first or second week of March, but it's in blossom now and it's mid-February.

Sweet almond blossom
Sweet almond blossom.

Also, loads of daffodils.

Daffodils pleased to see the light
Daffodils pleased to see the light.

The Japonica.


The weird pink thing I can't remember the name of.

The pink thing
The pink thing.

No comment.

Say whut?
Say whut? Oh, you want fed, again?



I planned to mow. Upon putting petrol into the tank, some started to dribble down the side of the engine. The little on/off valve was leaking. Quite a lot.
The DIY place was closed (they still close for lunch) so I tried to find a sweet spot where fuel would flow without too much dripping out.

I had to push the mower back to the barn twice because the engine cut out. It looks like the little mesh inside the fuel filter is loose. So, essentially, the entire fuel supply is shagged and needs to be replaced.

But, for today, the job has been done. I'll have to stop in at the DIY place after work and see if they have the parts of if I'll need to mail order them.


Beautiful brioche

I'm currently eating a lovely fluffy-AF brioche that I made myself, but I don't know how.

You see, I measured out according to the pack and I don't know if my scales were a bit gonzo or what. I used the scales to measure 175g of milk. It asked for 175ml and milk is pretty close to water, right? It's not like oil, so I would have thought any difference would be a ml/g tops, right?

Well, I checked in on it as it started doing the proper mix and it was this sloppy mess spinning round and round with the paddles. So I threw in some flour and waited as it got mixed in. I repeated this four times until I had a sticky lump that resembled dough rather than soup.

It didn't rise much, but, oh well. Might as well leave it to go through the motions.

Glad I did. It's lovely. Best damn thing I've even had out of a breadmaker. The sides are solid without being hard (no broken teeth trying to eat it). The inside is fluffy to the point where I'm not desecrating it with a layer of marge, I'm just eating it as it is. I can't eat too much right now, as I'm supposed to be doing nuggets/chips/beans for dinner. But... damn. ☺



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David Pilling, 17th February 2024, 23:34
Pink thing aka Hyacinth
David Pilling, 19th February 2024, 03:37
Need Breadmaker Cam. go back and see what you did. Could do with similar for programming. 
Japonica is aka flowering quince - produces lots of fruit. Baked quince was Sir Isaac Newton's favourite pudding - different sort of quince - tough luck. 

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