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About eggs and baskets

Well, yesterday I was wondering about the months test / six month Contrat d'Avenir for the green-spaces "job" when suddenly a whole load more options have deposited themselves on the table...

On Wednesday next I will be meeting a man about a 15 day EMT (Évaluation au Millieu de Travail, or something like that). It is a time restricted unpaid assessment (think of it like the "New Deal" scheme). It is for a computer business in our local big town. The ANPE lady picked him out of a yellow pages (!), phoned up, and said basically "I have a Scottish person who doesn't speak French so well who is passionate about computers, interested in giving him an EMT?" and he said yes!
Okay, it is unpaid and it is to happen in August (the national shut-down in France as everybody takes this month for their holiday), but on the other hand you do have to be careful who you accept, even for "free", I could be a complete nutter...
Anyway, I'm looking forward to that. Fingers crossed that it leads on to me being taken on, eh?

Meanwhile, on Friday, I have a test at a recruitment drive for a company that apparently makes cakes. How fast can I pop my cherry... on the cake! ☺ The eventual contract is a four-monther, Sept-Dec. either early morning or afternoon.

Now it is possible that all of this will go nowhere. The work situation is about as jittery and pessemistic as the housing market (all over, not just here) and it isn't helped by having a lot more people than job offers. Hopefully I can win a position by "quiet reliability" because I don't exactly have an extrovert personality - but then I've seen pressure salesmen at work and I do tend to wonder what went wrong in their childhood to make them like that! This is all rather different to the American idea that "if you don't stand out, you aren't noticed" (which is why many American tourists on holiday are larger than life and somewhat loud). I was always the one who chose to just get on with what I was doing and not be noticed. Maybe if I was more noticed I'd have a wife and some children (preferably a girl aged six or so [see below]). But then again, all of that would require a large paradigm shift of my personality. People capable of that are either actors or in need of medication! You'll have noticed I'm introspective too! :-)

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, etc... My hope is for a CDI with the computer work. It is where I feel "at home", and if you don't believe me, look around this website! My hope is for a CDI especially because this is a continual contract. The problem with all the others - a Contrat d'Avenir is time limited, and the one where I'd pop my cherries is for four months. It could be this time in six months I'm back to not having anything having done the aforementioned.

Some words: CDD is Contrat Durée Determiné, or a contract for working a fixed length of time, no more than six months. I believe if you work six months and a day it alters your 'benefits' re. pensions and holiday time, etc. There appears to be a kind of CDD-hell where people get stuck in something of a rut with a series of irregular short-term contracts.
CDI is Contrat Durée Indeterminé, an open ended contract where you keep working for the same company. Much more preferable from the point of view of regularity.


What no babies?

I'm not very paternal.
I would like a girl. I don't need a boy. I was one, I remember it. I would like her to arrive in my life aged five or six. Old enough that I can talk to it, and young enough that it isn't a mouthy bitch that punctuates sentences with the words "I hate you".
Mom is always all "oooh look" at baby's clothes. Tiny buckle-up shoes. Colour-coordinated outfits. Little onesies with ears. Me? I look at a baby and I see a fat ugly thing that craps and vomits in equal measure, and it is hit and miss as to whether you'll get a quiet one or one that never shuts up. Who the hell wants to have babies around? Might as well go to the local market and buy a crate of suckling pigs to let loose in the house, it'd be much the same thing. That girl that sang the song about "I wanna have your babies" and ending saying "oh, there's a baby, and another, and another" while babies were popping up like wabbits ... ohmigod-ohmigod! She's certifiable!

Now the vomit-inducing part: I have a horrible suspicion that if it came that I would be involved in the baby making process, I'd go all gooey and yucky and be like "isn't she cuuuute" while proudly holding up a monster with a definite face intended for radio...


Today's word...

Today's word is disseminate (dih-sem-in-ayt); which is a word meaning broadcast, diffuse, spread; like you could say a certain red-top newspaper is disseminating pro-Labour propaganda again...


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